Tuesday, December 28, 2004

hazy shade of winter

Pomo? Verisimilitude?
My God! Where have I been? I must have slipped out of the evolution line somewhere. I am so behind- hey buddy, gotta map? With pictures, please. Obviously, my vocabulary skills stopped developing about the same time my breasts did. Fourteen letters, six beats... Looks to me that it'll just be gloming up precious brain matter that I have already dedicated to other functions (like breathing). Ha! Now ain't that the truth!?

My friend, Ron, says he likes the feeling he gets after having a sickness. I am looking forward to that feeling. However, I may be backwards from him. I felt great, refreshed, new, excited...before this illness took its toll. Now I have hazy reflection. I remember telling him a month ago how great I felt, the best in years. That moment became my new benchmark for feeling that feeling. I'm not letting it go of that moment, just the stuff that is getting in my way to achieving it. Too idealistic, crap. If only I could just reason/season.

time, time, time....
look whats become of me

in a pool of lung oysters I bid you goodnight.

(oh, honorable mention= "rhymes with" bit at fluffystuffin' was brilliant, my lad)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Flu...It's not like I remember it...

Wow, I am sick. Really sick. I can't remember ever being this ill. I feel that I have a fairly high pain tolerence. Broken bones, car wrecks, major dental work- yeah, whatever... But this, this, flu has literally flattened me. It's been 7 days. Everyday, I think it'll be better, but these are just lies floating between deadening brain neurons. I even went to the doctor (on day 4). You know it's bad if I go to the doctor, since I don't have health insurance, or a cash ass in which to pull money out of. I went because I was worried that I was going to die, yeah- That Bad. They told me that I came in before it became phnumonia, which is good. They gave me a puffer for my lungs, told me to continue my meds that I have been taking (800mg of Motrin every 6 hours- now that is insane. I only got 600mg after I gave birth to my son) and told me to rest. Rest- I have been imoblile for days at a time (now it is just hours). I haven't had a cohearent conversation with my kid since this started. And even though he's only 2.8 years old it's not him who is dropping the ball. Okay, I must resume resting, since I'm having a hard time holding my head up straight and my own drool is beginning to meld with the sweat stains on my shirt. Mmmm, pretty, huh?
Oh, I highly recommend a flu shot next year.
in sickness,

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