Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Flu...It's not like I remember it...

Wow, I am sick. Really sick. I can't remember ever being this ill. I feel that I have a fairly high pain tolerence. Broken bones, car wrecks, major dental work- yeah, whatever... But this, this, flu has literally flattened me. It's been 7 days. Everyday, I think it'll be better, but these are just lies floating between deadening brain neurons. I even went to the doctor (on day 4). You know it's bad if I go to the doctor, since I don't have health insurance, or a cash ass in which to pull money out of. I went because I was worried that I was going to die, yeah- That Bad. They told me that I came in before it became phnumonia, which is good. They gave me a puffer for my lungs, told me to continue my meds that I have been taking (800mg of Motrin every 6 hours- now that is insane. I only got 600mg after I gave birth to my son) and told me to rest. Rest- I have been imoblile for days at a time (now it is just hours). I haven't had a cohearent conversation with my kid since this started. And even though he's only 2.8 years old it's not him who is dropping the ball. Okay, I must resume resting, since I'm having a hard time holding my head up straight and my own drool is beginning to meld with the sweat stains on my shirt. Mmmm, pretty, huh?
Oh, I highly recommend a flu shot next year.
in sickness,

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