Monday, May 09, 2005

So, Cosmo says your fat. Well, I ain't down with that...

You know your fat, when your dad tells you you've packed too much junk in your trunk. He didn't actually phrase it like that. He was even tactfull about it. Still, in my head, alarms were screaming. Is this "family intervention" in its infancy? I have to admit, never in my life, did I think my life would turn out like that of other women I've read about in magazines. Crap...I have a rumpus that needs an overhaul! Limit food intake. Oh, that'll be easy since I love to eat. Especially if someone else is cooking. Then comes the best part-exercise. There is nothing I like better than the monotonous revolutions of the recumbant (stationary) bike for 45 minutes straight. It gets me so charged up, I must fulfill the urge to lift free weights specifically designed for this purpose. (This isn't Rec and Ed water aerobics- NO gallon milk jugs filled with water needed). This is day one- the realization. Results, if any, to be posted in (extended) future...Bring on season 3 of the Gilmore Girls! I must stay oblivious to the ever growing butt.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hello! Hello! It's good to be back.....

Blogs? Did I mention that I have a hard time checking my email, let alone blog? Oh yeah, I did say that. Oasis on my hard drive, oasis in my head, oasis, oasis, oasis....remember all that fun? I want more fun. Let's go to NYC, just you and me, he he he...

Dora girl: why are you afraid to call ME?!? I really am quite harmless to others. Was the coffee good? Soon, we'll have coffee here. And there will be plenty of decaf for you!

"Step out side, 'cause summer time is in bloom" why don't I move from this cold a** state? Remind me again?
I would like to live in the following:
Hawaii- at least 4 months
Avignon- at least a year
Prague- another year
London- a few more months
Mexico (west coast)- for however long the winter is here.
*list to be continued*

"as my soul slides away...."