Sunday, December 31, 2006

"the feeling that its all a lot of oysters, but no pearls. (Last Post of 2006)

".....talked a little while about the year.
I guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower,
makes you talk a little lower about the things you could not show her.
And its been a long December and there's reason to believe.
Maybe this year will be better than the last.
I can't remember all the times I tried to tell my myself
to hold on to these moments as they pass...."

Credit: "A Long December" by the Counting Crows.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rest in peace...

Phill Hines

While most people out there will be mourning the death of James Brown, who died on Christmas, I will be mourning the unexpected passing of one of the best punk rock drummers known to man. Phill Hines, drummer for the punk band Dissonance (from Flint, Michigan) died of a massive stroke and heart attack on Christmas. The photo above was taken at the 20th reunion show last year (I also downloaded the image from their website, thanks Andy). He will be sadly missed. I encourage you to click the Dissonance link to hear some fantastic American Hardcore tunes. This band was of great influence to me in my formative years.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Exit real life, enter blogger plane... (or, Yes, I still live)

Just a quick note to let you know that all is well with me. My son and I have survived our first week without Hubby. He has just returned home, and will be here for the next 4 days. Of course our days will be filled with many holiday obligations, amplified by the fact that Hubby's father has flown in from California. It has been over 3 years since he was here last. My son had no idea who he was when he saw him last night. The only saving grace was that Hubby remarkable resembles his father, not only in looks but in many mannerisms. Son was quick to notice this, so eventually they got along fine.

It is good to have the Hubby back. This is the longest we have been apart from each other in almost 8 years. It's not like we are doing the Paul and Linda thing, really. The flat has been cleaned from top to bottom. For those of you who are familiar with this blog and my life, I am not a domestic queen by any stretch. I even folded the laundry and put it all away in the closets and drawers. Can't even remember the last time I did that.

I am still trying to finish up this great scarf for my sister. The days are ticking away fast, and I fear that I won't have it done in time for Christmas. I have also been reading a book called "Heat" by Bill Buford (thanks for the recommendation, Bob). It chronicals a writer/editor who leaves his field in order to become a professional cook/chef. It is a great read, and has brought up many thoughts from my time (12 years) spent in numerous bakeshops. I plan on having a post about my own stint as a professional baker in January. I can safely devulge secrets since it has been years since I have been in the field. I also will finally utilize my team membership over at Beggar's Banquet by including some recipes for you all to make.

I would like to wish all of you a great holiday season, and a very happy New Year. I will try to post again before 2007, but just in case...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am NOT moving to Wyoming!

That Union shit is SO far behind us now. Hubby completed a two week program at a school so he could begin a new profession. He ranked in the 95th percentile, and was excused from the testing since he had completed most of the requirements for the course while working within the Union. This course was essentially a formality so he could get placed in a job.

And Job it is. He had an interview yesterday and was hired on. He leaves Sunday night and will be gone until Friday night. As a pre-hire he must do an additional 5 days of hands on work. After the week is over he will be gone a total of 6-8 weeks for additional PAID training. He will be home at least once a week over the 6-8 weeks. The company has also assured him that they will give him up to two weeks off after BabyVog is born. This is great news. Of course, he will most likely still be on the road when I go into labor. Yippy! I get to give birth alone, well, minus the help of the hospital staff. I am okay with this. I just need to make sure that my son is cared for, and that I can get to the hospital on time. I am not a needy individual, I don't need friends and family to hold my hand while birthing. I approach it as I would a job, and jobs don't need personal cheering sections. I'm not into the "hey, lets have a labor party" space. Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to seeing this little girl. The fun will start once she is in the light of day. Then we can hug her, and love her, dress her cute and call her Vog.

On another note, I have been knitting up a storm. I plan to have some pictures up in a week or so, of all that I have completed. Aaarggg! Gotta go. The cat is attacking the christmas tree again!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The stylish Baby Vog.

Morning started as usual. Coffee and a bowl of cereal in front of the computer as I begin my blog rounds. However, this morning I was side tracked. 9 times out of 10, I check *Asterisk's blog first. He is my personal bloggin' superstar. The time zone difference most always assures to have a fresh post for me to read each morning. He is getting ready to post his 500th entry since starting his blog in March. Anyhoo, as always, he has a great post up. This time, the side track occurred because of a comment by Tanya. She mentioned that she had used the internet to buy Goth baby clothes. Huh?!? I got to see this. Of to Google I go. Holy Crap! And I thought I lived in a fairly progressive town, but NO ONE sells stuff like this for baby in this city!
Check out these two links. I have only listed two, since I didn't want to overwhelm or bore you. And for you non-baby lovers, go anyway. If more kids were dressed like this, there may be a slim chance you could be a tiny bit more tolerent of the little shits, well, maybe not. But you'll get a laugh anyway.

My mom is so going to kill me when she sees BabyGirl Vog sporting a Ramones onesie, and a Che Guevara t-shirt paired with skull print pants.

Stardust Kids Clothes
Lucky lil' Devil

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Exhaling a sigh of relief.

I will start out by saying that everything is now okay with my mom.

They transfered my mom to a far better hospital on Friday afternoon. She was in surgery by 7:30 pm. The surgeon gave the procedure a 50/50 chance of being successful. 3 hours later he emerged from the operating theater with a smile on his face. He said my mom was doing great and that even though it was a tough job, everything had worked out better than expected. Next thing I know, they are wheeling my mom into the recovery room. She had the biggest smile on her face. When I saw her smile, days of heavy stress was lifted off my head.

She gets to go home this afternoon, and will return in a few weeks to have the coratid arteries cleaned out. Once she gets through that, she will be completely back to normal. She has suffered a series of heart attacks, but the doctors feel they were minor and that she will be fine. They even told her she can drive on Wednesday, which to me is mind blowing, since it is only one week since she was near death.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support, it meant so much to me, and helped to keep me sane. And a HUGE shout out goes to Fluffy Stuffin' for watching my son on Friday so we could be present for the surgery. Thanks again, my friends!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The room smelled like mortality.

I spent all day yesterday at the hospital with my sister and father, to support my mother in what should have been a routine procedure. My mom failed a stress test, and was having slight chest pains two weeks ago. It was recommended by her doctor that she go in for an exploratory procedure to see if all was okay with her heart. Worst case scenario would involve the insertion of a stent into one of the arteries. I should also mention that during the stress test, it was found that her carotid artery, the main blood supply to the brain was blocked. The doctors felt that it would be best to deal with the heart issues first, then go back and clear the coradid artery in 3 months.

She went into surgery at 1pm. The doctor came out at 2:45 pm, to say that the artery on the lower left side of her heart was 95% blocked, and that they were unsuccessful in getting both stents into place. The wanted to wait until the morning to finish the surgery, as they had used the maximum amount of radioactive dye needed to view the procedure and didn't want her to go into kidney failure. The three of us were allowed to go back to see her one at a time. My sister was the last one to go in, and while she was there, my mother began having intense chest pains. They immediately took her back into the operating room to finish the surgery, fearing a massive heart attack. Once again, they were unable to get into the vein. It was too blocked. The surgeon again came into the waiting room, this time asking us to come into a consultation room where we could talk in private. This time he said that he was unable to get in, and that the only option was to perform open heart surgery, a bypass. He wanted to consult another surgeon before beginning the proceedure, and he would be back in a few minutes to talk with us more. Those few minutes seemed like an eternity. Now two doctors are coming towards us, the looks on their faces didn't look good. The second doctor then said " This situation isn't looking good. We don't feel that your wife/mother is able to withstand open heart surgery, due to the clogged carotid artery and her weight. We fear that if we go thru with it, she will either not make it through the surgery, or will have a stroke during recovery. There is also a high chance of infection, pneumonia, and blood clots. We recommend that she be taken to the Cardiac Intensive Care unit and have a controlled heart attack. Since we can not repair the vein, a heart attack is going to happen. We will control it with nitroglycerin, and morphine for the pain. If it ends up being more of a heart attack then we think, we will then take her into surgery for a by-pass".

The three of us sat their with stunned looks on our faces. I saw my father cry for the first time in my life. I told the doctors I wanted to see her, immediately. They agreed and took my father and me back to see her. I thought she would be in the recovery area, but I was wrong. My father and I were escorted into the actual operating room, where my mother was on a stretcher waiting to hear what was to happen to her. At that point she had no idea. My dad and I waited at my mothers feet, as the doctor explained to her what was happening telling her all that was told to us. All she said was "Okay, I'll do whatever needs to happen. I have two grandchildren that I would like to see before I die". The doctor excused himself and my father and I approached. She had no idea that we had been standing there while the doctor gave her the news. She smiled a weak smile and said everything was going to be okay.

They moved her into the Cardiac ward, pumped her full of nitroglycerin and morphine. I spoke to her at 10am this morning. She said she had chest pains all night long, but they stopped by morning. I have no idea at this point if the controlled heart attack is over, or still ongoing. I'll have more news later tonight. As for the carotid artery, they intend on cleaning that out in about 4-6 weeks. In a way, I am glad they can do it sooner than they originally thought. However, if that surgery goes the direction of this last one, well...

Dec. 12, 2006 UPDATE

Spoke to my mom this morning. She had a very bad night last evening, with pain levels at 10. They gave her 3 consecutive morphine shots, but the pain still cut through. Her doctor isn't happy with what is going on with her. He wants to transfer her to another hospital, one that is better able to handle her condition. The hospital is an hour away from my parents house, about and hour and a half form my house, and my sisters. I can tell by my mom's voice, that she isn't doing well. She is saying things like "this is going from bad to worse" and " if something happens, I am still going to be watching you all". This is very disturbing to me. She won't let me come to see her, telling me that I have my own things I need to take care of (my son, the baby) and that the weather is too bad for me to travel. I am not allowed to call her friends or business people to tell them anything about this. I can't understand why she feels she has to do this all by herself. This is the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Wow! An online quiz that actually matches me.

I stole this from Laura, over at In Pursuit of Perfection.

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Even better: *A has a great thing going at his blog today. He and Red found a bunch of fortune cookies over the weekend. He is giving fortunes out to those who request them. This was mine:

"Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What we did last night...

The Vog family are members of the Toledo Zoo. Each year the zoo staff decorate the entire zoo with the most amazing light display. These are just a couple of the photos from last night. I encourage you to click here to see a great video of the lights in action. The video was captured by our friend Fluffy Stuffin' on his itty bitty Sony camera. Dispite the cameras small size, it came through for us with some fairly good graphics and incredible sound.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another great blog down for the count!

It saddens me to see yet another great blog deleted due to an employer. Apparently, there is no safe way to express ones self in this world. The business fucktards of this world would truely like to see a homoginized population. One that is void of true personal expression and fact. We all know that this idealized perception is false. That is why we have readership.

There are ways around this in regards to our blogs.

Don't use your real name, ever.
Stop telling your co-workers about your blogs. Even if you think they are your friend.
Get rid of personal pictures of yourself and your family members on your blog.
Change names and situations that you want to write about. You can still bitch about your issues without being overtly obvious.

I know we are all making friends through our blogs. Save your personal info for the email. Make sure that your blog buddy understands that they are never to devulge your name, status, and whatever else you want to stay hidden via their blogs. Always ask permission before forwarding another bloggers info to others.

You will notice that I have very few pictures of myself on this blog...One, I think. No one knows my husbands name, or his profession. My real name isn't anywhere on a post. I have one pic of my kid, which I most likely will remove, and his name is never mentioned.

Please be safe. I like you all and hate to have to see you go.

This ones for you Dullard! I will miss you very much! Please stay in contact.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"I had too much to dream last night..."

I rarely, if ever, talk about my sex life on this blog. Don't get all happy, thinking that I am going to start now, because I'm not. I will, however, devulge a little of what has been happening in my dream state.

I have noticed an increase of really strange dreams since finding out that I am pregnant. It has to be the abundance of hormones racing through my cells which is causing this. Normally, the dreams take on an "action/adventure" theme. Now they are taking on a whole new James Bond-esque quality, complete with bizarre sexual sub-themes. (Don't worry, my special blog friend. I am not going to mention the ones about you. I will maintain that only you hear about those.)

All righty... last nights dream horror:

I had sex with Oliver North! I seduced him! To top it all off, he started out in full Military dress. Oh, you don't think that is bad? I ended up with Ollie after Bill O'Reilly turned me down! I woke up thinking EEEWWWW! Double EEEEWWWW! Why, oh why, does my brain do this to me. I can't stand Bill O'Reilly, so much so that I am not putting a linky thing in for him. I never watch his show on FoxNews. I don't find him sexy, that is for sure. I also think his voice is nasty. And Ollie, though he looks a little better than Bill, he still isn't a fantasy man. I don't watch his show either, and haven't paid much attention to him since the Iran/Contra affair. I think I may have fallen asleep watching FoxNews late at night, too many times. Yeah, that's it! Totally subliminal. I'm sure of it. Because I'll be damned if I admit that my brain has betrayed me.

Geez, and I thought last weeks sex dream staring the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver was bad. Least with him I walked out once I realized who he was. Wait! Jamie Oliver...Oliver North...hmmm. Maybe my brain is telling me I need to eat more olives. Yeah. Bill O'Reilly's head is kind of shaped like an olive. Must add olives to shopping list...

title credit: "Too Much To Dream (last night)" by the Electric Prunes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Been caught stealin'..."


Okay, I stole this from Cynnie, who stole it from Cappy, who stole it from someone else.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?"

As I have mentioned before, my family is broke. We have lived in poverty for almost 5 years. There are many reasons for this.

1. We live in one of the most expensive areas of Michigan.
2. The economy of Michigan is the worst it has been, since the 1980's.
3. A career change (we thought for the better) 4 years ago involving a shitty Union, which resulted in providing nothing to us (well, it brought a lot of grief).
4. The birth of a child, soon to be children.

I have reached my breaking point concerning our financial status, and things must change. I am 38, my husband is 44. We have no savings, no retirement plans. In Feb. 2007 another child will be joining our household. I have watched my clients dwindle, my husband apply for jobs in this state and never getting a call back. He is repeatedly told that he is over qualified, or under qualified. I am tired of always wondering where the rent money is coming from.

As much as I don't want to leave this state, I am beginning to realize it may be our only option. As I read my internet news page last week, I came across an article about how the state of Wyoming has been sending people to Michigan to recruit for skilled workers. I contacted the work force board in Wyoming and asked what the qualifications where. I was amazed to hear that my husband fits all there requirements, and then some. They recently sent out this huge package touting how great Wyoming is. I have spent hours on the internent looking at the area of interest, wondering if I could blend well within the community and still stay as sane as possible, and picking Diana's brain about the in's and outs of living in the state. Most of you bloggers know Diana. Her emails to me have been cause of great discusions and debate in my house of late. I am greatful for her input.

If we are to move there, our income will increase 4 times the amount it currently is. The cost of housing is the same as in Ann Arbor. Shopping will be at a Walmart, which makes me a little creeped out. They seem to have most of the same chain restaurants, lots of coffee shops, new schools, libraries, and recreational facilities. The weather is similar to Michigan, except for the snow and rain amounts. Double the snow, and the rain is 3/4ths less than Michigan's annual amount. The sun is out way more in Wyoming than in Michigan. Diana has pointed out that everything is spread out, and it is not uncommon to drive two hundred miles to get to anywhere. Yep, the nearest Target to the area I am looking at is 200 miles away, and in a different state (S. Dakota). They have no Old Navy's and bookstores are limited to christian type books. I tell myself that I can always shop via the internet for the things I want and need. Geez, just the thought of being able to have the extra cash for a luxury such as a book makes me giddy. Ah, and music...I'd like to buy some music! If we do go, our goal is to be back to Ann Arbor within 5 years. Perhaps by then, the economy will get better in the area.

There you have it. I have had a lot on my mind, and the computer has been used for research, not blog writing. Let me know what your opinion is on moving 1,000 miles away from my home state. Thanks again Diana for all your help. I will be in contact. And Biddie, I know it is the U.S., but do you want to come with us? It would be nice to have someone like me to hang out with. And Fluffy, I really don't mean to depress you.

Friday, October 27, 2006

(I'm) Almost Famous (yeah, right!)

*Asterisk had a post recently about dead iconic rockstars. I was reminded via the comment field that I had once met G.G. Allin. I got to thinking about all the famous and semi-famous people I have met or walked by in my life, and started compiling a list. They are not in order of importance and I have designated those who simply walked by me. Feel free to mention who you may have met in the comment field.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers- The original (and now current line-up). Met them in Maryland backstage after a show. Only Anthony, Chad, and John talked to me, and each signed my shirt. Flea just stood there looking cool in a green shark skin suit.

2. Husker Du- At Schoolkids Records in Ann Arbor. They each signed my shirt.

3. Bob Mould- (guitarist/singer from Husker Du) At a show in Detroit, as mentioned here.

4. Suicidal Tendencies- Punk band from California. Drank beer with them in their tour bus after a show in Flint, MI. I was 16.

5. Kevin Seconds- (from the band 7 Seconds) Met him at least 4 times. Saw 7 Seconds play 10 times. He let me into my 10th show for free.

6. Les Claypool- (from the band Primus) He was walking alone on a street in Flint, MI, wearing a black sweatshirt with the hood over his head tight (like Kenny from South Park). I asked him to sign my CD. He said he would sign it if I gave him a blow-job. I told him it wasn't worth it.

7. Screeching Weasel- (punk band from Chicago) Met them after a show in Flint, MI. Ben Weasel's blog is here.

8. Billy Corigan- (from the Smashing Pumpkins) Met him after a show in Detroit (Gish tour). I shook his hand and told him he was very talented and that he shouldn't get so fucked before shows. I guess he may have listened to me.

9. Sinead O'Connor- (singer) in Detroit, after a show.

10. Oasis- (original line-up) In New York City. They walked by Ron and I after a show, thinking they were too famous to sign anything.

11. Blur- After a show in Detroit. I kissed Damon Albarn. He is very short, and pigeon-toed.

12. Cheap Trick- (band) Walked by me on Main Street, in Ann Arbor.

13. Luciano Pavarati- (opera singer) Walked in front of me in New York City.

14. Jeff Daniels- (actor) Lives 15 minutes away from me. I used to wait on him while working at a bookstore in Ann Arbor.

15. Jim Harrison- (author) Met him twice. Waited on him while working at a bookstore in Flint, MI. He embarassed the crap out of me when I asked him if I I.D'd him correctly. Met him again at a book signing in Ann Arbor. I told him about the first time I met him, and he signed my book "So you think I am a drunk". He WAS drunk at the signing. I also "forgot" to pay for the book before I left the store.

16. Adam Ant- (pop God) After a show in Ann Arbor, MI. I was 14.

17. Ted Nugent- (guitarist/singer) Met him twice. Once at a mall in Ann Arbor, the last time at a bagel shop in Ann Arbor. I also drove by him once.

18.The Pixies- (band) Met once in Detroit (Black Francis is an ass), and once in Ann Arbor. I played pool with Kim Deal (bassist) and lost.

19. Ethan Hawke- (actor/writer??) At a book signing in Ann Arbor. Tried to get him to sign my bra, but his publisist wouldn't let him.

20. Grand Funk Railroad- (legendary 70's rock band). Don Brewer (drummer) is my second cousin. I also used to play with Mark Farner's (singer) daughter when I was a kid.

21. New Bomb Turks- (punk band from Columbus, OH) At a show in Ann Arbor.

22. Henry Rollins- (when he was singing for Black Flag) eh, at a show in Flint, MI. You can read about it here.

23. Jerry Garcia- (guitarist/singer from the Grateful Dead). He waved at me and said hi, while I was in a taxi going to a club in Chicago.

24. Ian McKay- (from Minor Threat, and Fugazi) Met after a show in Flint, MI.

25. Nicolas Cage- (actor) He walked by me and Ron in New York City. Ron and I sat for two hours watching him film a scene for the movie "Bringing Out the Dead". He had on lots of make-up, and looked really old.

26. Denis Leary- (actor) Watched him film a scene for the movie "Do Not Disturb", in Amsterdam. He walked by me, said hi and asked the people around him if anyone wanted to go have a beer. Funny thing was, nobody took him up on the offer, and it looked like no one even knew who he was. Hubby and I had dinner reservations so we didn't go either.

27. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych- (Detroit Tigers Pitcher) Met him at a bowling alley in Flint, MI when I was 10 years old.

28. Lance Parrish- (Detroit Tigers Catcher) Met him after a Tigers game at the original stadium. He also played in the '84 World Series.

29. Gary Moeller- (ex- Football coach for University of Michigan) Met him at a hardware store in Ann Arbor, shortly after he was fired.

30. G.G. Allin- (punk rocker) He liked smearing his own shit on himself and the crowd. Met him while he was staying at the YMCA in Ann Arbor. He had to stay in the state of Michigan until his probation ended. He had spent time in Jackson (MI) Prison for assault and rape of a woman. I didn't know this until after I met him.

31. Lemmi- From the band Motorhead. We had a beer together at a show, while watching the Dead Kennedy's play.

32. Chow Yun-Fat- (actor) Was about 10 feet away from him, while attending an opening for "The Replacement Killers" in Chicago, IL. I went with Ron.

That is all that I can think of at the moment. I look forward to hearing all the people you have come across.

Friday, October 20, 2006

1968 Revisited!

It's official! As of 12 a.m. eastern standard time the match-up between the Cardinals and the Tigers has begun. The first game of the World Series begins this Saturday, in Detroit. The last time these two teams were together was in 1968 (before I was born), and the Tiger's won at the end of the 7th game. They also met once before that, in 1934. Since the Cardinal's won in 1934, I'm not going to bore you with those details.

am looking forward to this series, not only because it is a local team, but because I can't wait to witness the showdown between my buddy Ron (diehard Tiger's fan) and our friend Lucy (equally diehard Cardinal's fan). Lucy is currently living in Washington State. Sadly, she had no one there to share here penant winning joy with. I am encouraging her to get to Michigan, to at least be amongst friends during the series. I phoned her last night to wish her congratulations, but I have a feeling she thought I was calling only to rub her nose into Tiger poop. I really was being sincere, but deep down, we all know that the Tiger's are going to stomp her loved Cardinals. If she does make it to Michigan, I promise to get some "Cat eats Bird" action on video to post onto YouTube for you all to enjoy.

I realize that most of you out there could care less about this series. Just remember, I live in Michigan and there isn't much more to get this excited about.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

More useless information about me...

I found this questionaire over at Melanie's blog. Since all it involved was cutting, paste-up, and answers I could come up without thinking to much, I decided to steal it. I DO have a new post written up, but I am too lazy to type it into Blogger right now. As they say in Jamaica, Soon-Come.

Also, thanks for all the comments of support about my last post. It meant a lot, and confirmed that I am not crazy in how I think about that moronic union.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:45 a.m.
2. Diamonds or pearls? Eh, both.
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Black Dahlia. It really sucked.
4. What is your favorite TV show? Veronica Mars
5. What do you usually have for breakfast? Coffee with lots of cream.
6. Favorite cuisine? Sushi, if money is no option. Baked Salmon and vegetables.
7. What is your middle name? Marie. So, so, boring.
8. What food do you dislike? Turkey burgers. Too dry.
9. What are your fave colors? Blue, gray, and black.
10. What kind of car do you drive? A very late model Chevy S-10 Blazer.
11. Favorite sandwich? Turkey ruben with honey-cup mustard on the side.
12. What characteristic do you despise? Stupidity.
13. Favorite item of clothing? Jeans
14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation? Vietnam
15. What color is your bathroom? White walls, sage green towels, bamboo patterned shower curtain, white shower mat.
16. Favorite brand of clothing? Whatever. I haven't bought clothes in a very long time. I would love about 5 different pairs of John Fleuvog shoes, though.
17. Where would you retire to? Mexico.
18. What was your most memorable birthday? 30th. Went to NYC for the first time with my buddy Ron.
19. Favorite sports to watch? Piston's Basketball.
20. Furthest place you are sending this? Ah, to my blog...
21. Who do you least expect to send this back to you? My mom. Ha, she doesn't know my blog addy!
22. Person you expect to send it back first? Haven't a clue.
23. Favorite saying? Uh-huh, right.
24. When is your birthday? End of October, near Halloween.
25. Are you a morning person or a night person? Normally a night person. Been forced into a morning person upon the arrival of children.
26. What is your shoe size? Woman's size 12 AAA!!!
27. Pet: Large gray cat named Sully.
28. What did you want to be when you were little? A doctor.
29. How are you today? My usual self.
30. What is your favorite Candy? Currently- Peanutbutter cups. My dad just got back from Hershey, PA....the home of US chocolate.
31. What is your favorite flower? Jasmine
32. What is a day on the calendar you are looking
forward to? Feb. 28, 2007, when this little baby inside of me is due to come out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another reason Union membership is approx. 12% in the United States

"And I am calling to you, throughout the world. Well, I can hear the bells are ringing, joyful and triumphant..." -Mike Dougherty

That is what I hear on my iPod as I sit down to write to you about something that has been difficult for me for far too long.

Some of the long term readers of this blog know that my husband was an Apprentice in a Union for 3 1/2 years and was terminated from them last July. As much as he desired to be a part of this Union, a personality conflict with the program's director turned out to be the sole reason for this termination. Throughout the past 3 1/2 years, my family has struggled financially and emotionally as my husband attempted to reach his goal in becoming a Journeyman in this Union. Despite unobtainable ideals impossed on him by this Union.

My husband chose to appeal his termination and has waited 3 months to hear back from them in order to do so. We consulted two different high profile lawyers concerning this appeal. Both, independantly, agreed that they would be of no help to him in regards to this Union. They said this Union was too powerful and closed minded to listen to them. The second lawyer suggested that I attend the meeting with my husband. Seeing that I am his strongest supporter, I have agreed, though I doubt the board will allow me to enter the room with them. I am very nervous about this.

In preparation, my husband has bought new "business" clothes to wear, and has cut his waist length hair for the first time in 7 years to a normal "man's" haircut. I, too, have cut 5 inches from my hair and evened out the color to my natural brown. I refused to buy new clothes and have decided to squeeze my very pregnant body into my "smart suit". I will show my baby belly proudly.... I can't wait until this day is over.

-Following day... The meeting is over...

"I got a real live horseshoe,and I hung it upside-down above my door. But it don't do nothing to impress you, so I don't know what the hell it's for..." - Old 97's

Those Union bastards didn't allow me in to the meeting with my husband. As my buddy Ron has said, "It was a Stalinistic trial". A fourty minute bitch session of hell. My favorite quote by them, as relayed by my husband, was "This Union ISN'T here to look out for you! Our job is to negotiate contracts". After hearing this, I could feel my grandfather, a United Auto Worker member who was part of the sit down strike in Flint, Michigan, rolling over in his grave. The Union co-ordinater, who's job was to find my husband work, lied repeatedly in front of the board whenever my husband attempted to defend his work history. If my husband is indeed thrown out of this Union permanently, the Union will pay via a lawsuit I'll start because of this mans lies.

I know that many of my reader's are members of Unions. They have shared stories with me on several occassions about how their Unions have assisted them on a variety of issues. Forgive me when I say, I think that Unions are a waste of time, at least in America.

-Several days after the meeting...

"You snooze, you lose. Well I have snozed and lost. I am pushing through, I'll disregard the lose. I hear the bells, so facinating and I'll slug it out, I'm sick of waiting. And I can hear the bells ringing joyful and triumphant........" -Mike Dougherty

The letter came. He has been released from the Union.

Time to get on with our lives.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's a SWEEP!!!

The Detroit Tigers' Magglio Ordonez hits a three-run, walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth innning of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series in Detroit on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006. They swept the Oakland A's outta the stadium, and launched themselves into the World Series.

Last time the Tiger's were in the World Series was 22 years ago.

This time around, the Tigers will play either the New York Mets, or the St. Louis Cardinals. Based on the playoff between these two teams, it looks like it'll be the Cardinals. They are leading 2-1.

Update: As of the fourth game last night the series between the Mets and the Cardinals is tied two games each.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've been gone from the blog for over a week and all I give you is this??

Really, I know it isn't much... I have a post almost finished detailing my most recent "trauma", but for now you can read what goes on in the high school I graduated from. I know, boring....

Bomb threat interrupts school
Sunday, October 08, 2006
By Robyn Rosenthal

The high school went into lock-down briefly Wednesday after receiving a bomb threat.

Superintendent Jeff Pratt said a student told an assistant principal that another student dressed in black gave him a note containing a bomb threat and then ran off. Officials were able to review surveillance video of the first student from the time he arrived at school. The video did not show another student dressed in black giving him the note, Pratt said. Police searched the school before classes resumed.

The student has been suspended for 10 days and can be expelled under state law.

I like the fact that the little shit hand delivered the bomb threat to the principle. That was class.

Friday, September 29, 2006

My week, in review.

Hi all! This week has been jam packed for me. I have a bit of time, finally, so I thought I would bring you all up to speed.

Sunday: Attended a family birthday party in which no one in my family was having any fun. We all tried sticking it out, but after my crying son begged to leave 3 different times, my hubby pulled the plug on it and escorted us all to the car. This sucked. Who likes to leave a 5 year olds party on a wave of drama? Family behavior is a harsh reality, for both sides involved. Family and friends, at times, don't mix well together. Normally, I would choose blood family over friends. Lately, it seems that blood is not thicker than water, and that friends on both camps are becoming more like our family than our family is.

Monday: In past posts I have refered to my intuitive side. It runs in my family (mother, sister, nephew, son) and I use it extensively within my profession. Because of this ability, I tend to become overwhelmed and retreat into myself. Thankfully, a dear client told me about another of her practitioners who is very similar to me. I had the opportunity to meet him. What was to be an hour meeting ended up being 3 hours in which I allowed myself to be myself. I learned some very important things about myself which I had no clue of, or was ignoring. With this knowledge, I learned how to stop a person who has been psychically attacking me for over 5 years, and have begun the process of reclaiming my life from this vicious loser. This person really fucking sucks and needs to get on with his own life and stay the fuck out of mine. I left him for many reasons and HE needs to deal with it on other levels than fucking with me. For a taste of how he affected me in the past I refer you to this post.

Tuesday: Some of you may have noticed in the last posts comment field that Ms. BabyVog mysteriously left a comment announcing HER gender. Yes, the baby temporarily residing within me is a GIRL. She is doing very well, has ten fingers and toes and all her internal organs are functioning as they are supposed to be. Truthfully, her gender was no surprise to me.
Hubby has ramped up the cleaning and organizing to make way for baby Vog. The flat is looking the best it ever has.

Wednesday: Went for a much needed Rolfing session to unpinch a nerve in my back. This nerve was and still is, sort of, causing my right hand to cramp to the point I can't close it into a fist. I was glad that it is only a nerve and not MS or Parkinson's. I tend to work on a lot of clients with brain issues, which then causes me to freak out if something weird like this happens to me.

We also attended a school function for my son at his favorite place in the world, the Hands on Museum. There was lots of good food, and meeting more of the parents was fun. Watching the kids tear it up at this private party was a blast.

The State of Michigan decided that my 4 year old could get health insurance, so he went to his doctors for a much needed exam and shots. He flunked his eye test and now has to go to the eye doctor in December. That was the soonest they could get him in. Go figure. I was hoping he would have perfect vision like his dad. Oh well. I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 and am used to it. If he needs glasses, he needs them and that is something he can deal with. He is so cute, and I admit that that it kind of saddens me to have to accessorize him with specks.

Thursday: Went to the 12 Oaks Mall in Novi, MI so my kid could redeam a gift card at Build A Bear. The store was a nice experience, and son chose a nice snow leopard to stuff. He named it Cat 2, and he got a birth certificate for it. You can even dress your animal if you want. Lucky for me, my kid said no way to this since cats don't wear clothes. Geez, the clothes for these things cost more than clothes that I would buy for myself. As for the mall... ick. I suffered culture shock and had to leave as soon as the cat was completed.

I attended a great knitters group in the evening. I had bought this beautiful yarn awhile ago and attempted to make a lace scarf for my mom. I had never knit something this complicated and was pissed when I couldn't figure it out. I took it to this group, and a very nice lady showed me how to do it once. By the time I left, I had knit about 4 inches and made no mistakes. I am confident it'll be done before Christmas.

Today: Easy laid back morning. Spend time at a Myspace Group that was started for the punk community of my hometown of Flint, MI. I have reconnected with many people, and unfortunately have learned that a lot of my old friends have since died often horrific deaths. Thanks to Zeneric for connecting me with this group.
Hubby has just returned from the knee specialist wearing a brace. The doctor has told him there is nothing he can really do for his worn out knee. Now he must wait at least 25 years before he will be allowed to get a knee replacement. Poor guy. Living with him dealing with this pain is going to be a challenge.

That's about it. I will try to be a better poster, or at least, let you all know that I am alive and will post more when I have time. Have a good weekend, everyone. I plan on catching up on everyones blogs this weekend.

ps. Pie, I had a dream about you last night. You were the fire chief in my hometown. It was odd.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"I'm the patron saint of denial..."

Ugg! Boredom. From a hermit who is sick of being in the house. I'm a Gen-Xer in search of reform. Fuck off Douglas Coupland. Your last book sucked. You even wrote yourself in it as a character, showing me you've become a Reagan-era prick. What is it like to buy your own health insurance and not beg it off the Fed's like I have too?

Fuck off to the rental ghetto I live in, where the offspring of miss spent youth create their own Fight Club in the courtyard for the under ten set. Fuck off to the welfare mothers who live here, who think their kids are too good to play with my kid. Despite the fact that my kid is far more intellegent than theirs, and that he could actually teach their kids more than a few things of importance. Fuck off to the rich bastards of this city who don't hesitate to drop hundreds of dollars on useless shit to attempt to make them feel anything. Fuck off to people who don't return a real smile because they are afraid the first smile hides an agenda that might make them feel uncomfortable. Fuck off to the uneducated teenage youth who troll the rental ghetto, ready to drop a race card at you if you even look in their direction. Jesus, I left the ghetto of Flint, Michigan for this mask of a community in search of tolerance. What a joke this economy has made of this city. It really is turning into an area of rats looking for a piece of the pie. I am not a rat, but where do I go now? Do I continue to look within for the real change?

Over and over.... You can reminisce over the past. When does it rectify? Things can set it off. Movies, "Before Sunset" "After Sunset" "Eyes Wide Shut", "Trainspotting", "Platoon". Music, the entire Grunge era, the Stooges, old Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis. Scents, cigarette smoke in cold December air, the smell of the interior of any Volkswagon before 1994.... Even heart shaped tattoos.

What is the one time in your life that you could comfortabley revisit if you could? You're only allowed one time. If only conscience alternative existance were permited...

title credit: "St. Jimmy" by Green Day

excuse me while I vent my spleen...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Parents of boys, listen up!

Warning: May offend some viewers. Don't like it? Stop watching.

This is a clip from my new favorite show, Weeds. Since only the first season is available on DVD, I was trolling YouTube for season two episodes and found this. Being a woman, I never had to deal with this. Since I am a mom to a boy (far too young for this talk, thank god) I found this funny.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Day Rising....

A new day, time to clear the air. Life goes on, life still sucks, life is great, this is our lives. Coffee tastes great, even though it is de-caf. Cartoons are on the television, Hubby is cleaning out the closets (thank you thank you! I knew if I held out from doing it long enough he would do it. I am bad, so bad.). My kid woke up on the wrong side of the bed, again. Good to see he takes after me when it comes to not being a morning person. My clients are returning from their summer holidays, filling my schedule with appointments. School has started for my kid. He loves it, and frowns at me when I arrive to pick him up. He has asked me for a Gameboy Advanced portable gaming system. Some kid at his school has tipped him off about a game called Pac-man Pinball that is only available for Gameboy Advanced. I told him he had to wait for Christmas, being that it is a high ticket item. He told me to work more so he could get it sooner (he even used his laser stare at me while saying it). I told him it was time he got his own job. He ran to his room screaming that he was only 4 and was too little to get a job. I don't remember being this way when I was 4. He must take after his father more than I thought. Well, looky there! Hubby has found the operating software for the DVD burner that was installed in our computer a year ago (hahaha, it was in the closet). Wow! Maybe we can use the thing now. Well, off for more coffee and to clear the computer seat for Hubby to fiddle with the DVD burner thingy. Been trying to get Hubby to start his own blog, being that he loves interjecting comments (while I am typing them)on all your blogs. He doesn't think you'll find him interesting. I even volunteered to let him be a contributor on my blog (gasp!). He declined, saying that he may cause a huge stir which would prompt Blogger to kick me off (huh?). Okay, okay...he is getting annoyed, must get off computer.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Setember 11, 2006

I wasn't going to write about this today. What could my mind offer that millions of other bloggers wouldn't say?

After three solid weeks of television viewing (6 of those days without commercials) 5 years ago, I made the decision that I would no longer watch footage of that day. I couldn't. It brought out too much pain for me to relive it over and over again.

Today started just like it did 5 years ago. I got a cup of coffee and sat down to watch the Today Show with my hubby. I was pregnant then, as I am now. The school buses were picking up children for school, exactly as they are now. The sun was out, the air crisp, same as today. This morning, instead of the Today Show, I turned on MSNBC cable news. I found that they are replaying that episode of the Today Show real-time as if it was 5 years ago. I sit in horror, this time the tears begin before the first plane hits on the replay. We know more now at this time than we did then. This knowledge doesn't make the pain any easier to deal with.

5 years ago, the first person I phoned was my mom. She didn't have the T.V. on. She turned it on, we sat in silence watching. The first words out of her mouth were "Osama Bin Laden". The second person I called was my dear friend Ron at Fluffy Stuffin'. We sat on the phone saying nothing more than "Holy Shit", " Oh my God", "I can't believe this" for 20 minutes straight. I had my NYC maps and guide books out, using them as reference as Ron explained what areas were under siege. Ron and I had just been to the city a year or so before. I remember him saying "If those towers go down, the city will never look the same again". We hung up with each other just before the first tower went down. My most vivid viewing of the towers in real life was from the office of our buddy ack/nak who was working in the city during our last visit. Ack/nak, I can't remember, were you still working there 5 years ago?

I end this post here, with no closure, just as it was 5 years ago.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Camie the Hammie no more!

Ha! After a morning and afternoon of painful tennis ball face, otherwise known as Camie the Hammie, I am free! Yes, that bastard of an obstruction has left my face via my mouth. I spent hours with that hot water bottle on my face, sucking (painfully) those lemon drops. The pressure was so intense I was unable to eat, and could barely lift my head from the pillow. Just as I was reaching freak-out stage (and after I left an alarming comment at Dilling's begging her for any tips that could help me out after I learned she had once had this)it came out. I was talking to my hubby on the phone, telling him I thought my face would explode and that I now had developed a sore in my mouth, when it exited the sore. I dropped the phone as I spat a huge amount of salty tasting nasty liquid into my hand (honestly, I was expecting blood). Included in the nasty mess was the foul object, about the size of a trimmed fingernail all hard and gritty. I continued to spit liquid from my mouth for about 5 more minutes since it was just pouring out of the hole. Hubby, the concerned guy that he is, stayed on the phone the entire time waiting for me to return. Happily, I grabbed the phone and announced to him I was free! I immediately packed up my kid, and went to the all you can eat Chinese Buffet where I ate 3 whole plates of food. I was so hungry! The hole is still draining, not as much, and my face is returning to normal size. It is still sore to the touch, so I'm not touching it. I still have to go to the specialist to make sure I got it all out, and I get to take the chunk so they can see it. I guess this sort of thing doesn't happen very often so they want to "study" it.

Thanks for listening, and I apologize for the gore. I have never had anything like this happen to me before, so I decided to share it all with you. Lucky you! Hmmm, I think it is time to eat some more. See you all later. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

At least it's not Mumps...

Yesterday, during lunch, I felt the left side of my face swell. The swelling came with intense pain under my left ear and jaw. Odd, I thought. No problems, right? I am a trained/certified Lymphatic Bodyworker... I could fix this. I worked on it for about an hour, nothing worked. Fuck! I had to work on clients after this occured to me. Luckily, I still haven't gotten my hair cut, so I pulled it down over my ear in hopes of concealing it from my clients. Only I knew how horrific it felt and looked.

Later, after attempting to eat dinner, the mass enlarged even more to the size of a tennis ball. Stinging pain, jaw nearly immobile, I phoned my mom. I explained my symptoms to her, and sat in horror as she said that it sounded like Mumps. Fuck, again! (Me: Haven't I had Mumps? Mom: No Me: Did you have me vacinated for them? Mom: I think, I can't remember. You really should see a doctor.) Being pregnant, this worried me. I raced to the computer to see if little baby was at risk. No, no, the fetus will be fine. Phew! But, the Mumps! No way! I had to wait until the morning to get to the doctor. It had decreased in size, and she said it wasn't Mumps and that it didn't look that bad. I told her it doubles in size when I eat. With glee (!), she left the office and came back in with a cookie and told me to eat it. Within seconds, the tennis ball reappeared with that searing pain. My doctor laughed and said I had a stone trapped in the saliva gland. Her order of treatment was to apply heat and suck on sour lemon candy in order to release more spit from the gland to dislodge it. I also have to see a specialist to check the size of it. If I can't get it out on my own, they will cut into my neck and fish it out for me. Nice.

Mentally, I like getting older. Physically aging is pretty sucky (no pun intended). I have spent the last two hours with a scalding hot water bottle on my neck, sucking these candies which make the tennis ball and pain return. I am thankful that I have been very healthy in my past 37 years. Geez, normal people get stones in their kidneys. Me, no, I always have to be the odd one out. Per usual.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Number 12

I dedicate this YouTube Clip to my new pal, Life, or something like it. She had some old time Sesame Street videos up recently, which allowed me to share my ancient childhood memories with my kid. This video is my kid's all time favorite one, and since I was so excited at finding it, here it is.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Please, someone stop me....

Because you are learning far more about me than I ever wanted you to know...
At least I turned out to be Jerry and not Bob Weir. Better dead than half dead....I am so Grateful.


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Friday, September 01, 2006

Lookie who I turned out to be!

I am so full of flair!

Katharine Hepburn

You scored 26% grit, 9% wit, 61% flair, and 11% class!

You are the fabulously quirky and independent woman of character. You go your own way, follow your own drummer, take your own lead. You stand head and shoulders next to your partner, but you are perfectly willing and able to stand alone. Others might be more classically beautiful or conventionally woman-like, but you possess a more fundamental common sense and off-kilter charm, making interesting men fall at your feet. You can pick them up or leave them there as you see fit. You share the screen with the likes of Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant, thinking men who like strong women.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

When all that is left is history, how do you interpret it?

The first time I arrived in Munich, I was 19. It was early evening when I stepped onto the train platform with my best friend, Mark. Carrying heavy backpacks we set out to find a place to stay before the dark night desended onto us. Exiting the train station we were approached by a middle aged German man who asked us in German if we needed a place to stay. Cautiously, in broken German, I said yes. He became excited, speaking frantically in German, saying he had the perfect place and he could drive us there. He motioned to a late model BMW 3.0 CSI. I turned to my travel companion, telling him that the German had offered us a place and he wanted to drive us there.

Hearing my English, the German grew even more excited. He asked in German where we were from. In German, I told him we had come from America. In English, he said "Come with me to my place. I do not stay there, it'll be yours for a small fee for however long you need. First, let me take you out in Munich. Do you like beer?" "Beer? We love beer! Let's go!" We piled into the BMW and were wisked away to an enormous beer garten. Many, many beers were consumed. The German picked up the tab. My only payment to him was to speak only German to him and he would speak only English to us. Fair enough. Hours later he dropped us off at the place we were to stay in. It was dark. I had no idea where I was and I was stinkin' drunk.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of coffee. At first, I was happy. Then I rolled over to see my best friend passed out on his bed with his clothes still on. There was no way he had made the coffee. I went down the stairs from the loft towards the kitchenette. "Hello?" I said, as I stared at the steaming Krups coffee pot. Next to it were 3 cups, one of them used and still warm. I found a note written in German that I roughly translated to: Hello young Miss and Sir. I came to have coffee with you, but you were still asleep. Drink the coffee, there is a bottle of fresh milk in the cooler. Have a good day. See you tonight. Heinrick. Creepy, double creepy! I ran to our bags that we had left near the kitchen. I was glad to see that they were still locked and seemed undisturbed. Thank God! I poured myself a cup of coffee (with milk) and stepped outside to figure out where I was. On the balcony I looked to see row after row of what looked like housing barracks. They were brightly painted in a neo- hippy style. When I turned towards my right, I saw a huge multi story building that looked oddly familiar.

In my hung over haze, I struggled to identify the building. By my second sip of coffee I instantly realized where I was.... Behind me, the door of the flat opened and my best friend walked out, cup of coffee in hand. "Thanks for making coffee" he said. "I didn't make it", I replied. "Who did?" he asked as he lit a cigarette. "Where the fuck are we? A commune?" "Funny", I said, "I thought the same thing. Does that building look familiar to you? Think back to 11th grade World History class". "No. Should it? Who made this coffee? It is great.", he said as he smoked his cigarette and looked at the high rise. "The German let himself in sometime this morning and made it. He said he wanted to have coffee with us, brought milk and everything. He left a note". My friend, looking alarmed, ran back into the flat. Moments later, he returned looking relieved. "Least our bags are still here", he said. "Where are we? I don't know that building". "We, my friend, are in the Olympic Village circa 1972. That is the dormitory that held the wrestling team from Isreal. They were taken hostage there. Two were killed in that building, the rest were murdered on the tarmac at a military air field. The Germans fucked it all up", I replied. "Okay! This is really disturbing when you are hungover. I don't like this guy letting himself in whenever he wants. I don't care how good this coffee is." he said to me. "Lets get our bags and get the hell out of here".

Our hangovers were still dragging us down. We decided it would be best if we looked for new accomadations first, then come back for our bags. We took the U3 subway line back toward the UBahn station we originally started from the night before. After we located a shoddy youth hostel near the station we went back to the Olympic Village to collect our bags. As I fumbled with the keys at the door, it magically opened with the help of the German who, once again, let himself into the flat. "Guten Tag!", he announced. "Eh, hi", I said in English. "We've come back for our bags". "Nein!" he yelled at me. "This is yours to stay in". "NO!", I said firmly in English. "I don't like the view" I said, pointing to the high rise, "and I don't like you letting yourself in whenever it suits you." Screaming at me in German, most of which was lost on me, he said "This is a nice place, we German's don't talk about old news! I made you coffee, I brought you milk!" We grabbed our belongings and headed for the door. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Deutsch Mark and set it on the table. "For your fucking milk!", I said as I bolted out the door.

Back at the U3 subway, we began to relax as we took out seats into the subway car. 2 minutes into our ride to the UBahn station a commotion broke out 5 rows up from us. "Shit" I said to my friend as I watched a man punch a woman in the face. He didn't stop there. He began assaulting everyone around him, men, women, and even a small child. We held our backpacks in front of us, uncertain if we would be next. The train pulled into the next stop, everyone ran for the exits. 3 large men grabbed the unstable man and threw him onto the platform and began beating him up. Everyone was screaming and trying to run. Out of nowhere, 4 German police officers arrived, armed with Mac 10 Assault rifles. They broke up the fight by pointing their weapons into the crowd. Lucky for us we didn't make it to the exit of the train car. The doors closed with us still inside and zipped off to the UBahn station. By now, we had had enough of Germany and bought two tickets to France on the night train.

It's been years since I thought about this event. I reluctantly returned to Munich 10 years after this happened. Hubby wanted to go there to tour the BMW factory, which is near the Olympic Village. I took him there and told him this story. I was reminded of it again as we were watching the documentary "One Day In September". "Hey! We've been there!", hubby said. "Yes, I nodded, "Now you understand why I didn't want to return". He laughed at me as he said, "Oh. I thought you were just sick of crazy Germans".

I have since added the movie "Munich" to my Netflix queue. "Munich" is Spielberg's take on the events that followed that horrible day when those hostages were murdered. I can't say that I am looking forward to seeing this movie, nor do I think I will ever return to Munich.

Friday, August 18, 2006

My news, and yes, this is my first time posting twice in one day!

There's going to be another baby in my house around Feb. 28, 2007. Yep, my breeding instincts have once again kicked in. I am 12 1/2 weeks pregnant. I waited to tell you all this news until after I was certain that the baby was truely going to stick around. You see, I am prone to miscarriages and have had my heart ripped out twice after announcing to the world that I was pregnant. My doctor has confirmed that the baby appears strong and healthy, we even got to see it in action via ultrasound. There is a very slim chance of miscarriage at this point, hence my news to you. I wanted to share the ultrasound photo, but the scanner makes it look nearly impossible to even make out that it is a baby. Plus, it is only 2 inches long at the moment and still resembles a blob.

Many thanks to the few bloggers out there who I shared this info with upon finding out. Your secret skills are wonderful. Matter of fact, I did let you all know about my pregnancy in an annonymous comment at Astrisks post about secrets. I still wonder if he had checked his site meter to see that it was me... I'll keep you all informed as I progress, but promise not to write about it ad nauseum.

For Cappy, with love...

My dear friend Cappy has asked us to post an artistic photo that we feel represents our blog persona. I feel that my profile photo is an excellent view into my blog life. I always tell the truth on my blog. In order to do this I hide behind my own words, often censoring myself in hopes of not freaking the crap out of you all. To gain greater insight into my scrambled thinking within my own head, I'll also share with you all the artwork I feel best represents how I most often feel (and most often never show via written word) at any given moment. This piece has already been on my blog once (in May). It is from the book "The Three Incestuous Sisters: An Illustrated Novel" by Audrey Niffenegger.

There you go, Mr. Cappy. I have run out of excuses about not posting very often. That's why I rose to your challenge. I do have some news I am ready to share with you all. Was think of letting it out of the bag today, but maybe next week will be better (just joking Cappy). Perhaps I'll wow you all and do 2 posts in one day! As far as I can remember, I haven't done that before.

Friday, August 11, 2006

My mom says I'll be late to my own funeral...

I was tagged earlier this week by Goddess In The City. I said it would be up this past Wednesday, but as always, I got caught up in some insane drama which had to be worked out. Per usual, I have survived yet another moment of utter bullshit. I'll save the saga for a later time, in which it'll appear subversively on this blog. I still need a bit of time to decompress the 4 years of shit which has been flung in the direction of my family by a large organization. With my middle finger galantly raised to this league of rednecks, I bid you my tag.

10 Years Ago: August 1996
Came to the realization that I was existing in a marriage that had never suited my ideals.

5 Years Ago: August 2001
Just found out I was pregnant with my son.

1 Year Ago: August 2005
Financially not secure. Worried. Bitter towards large organization mentioned above. Frantically trying to remember what my life used to be like when money wasn't an issue.

5 Songs I know all the words to:
"La Tortura"- Shakira (yes, in Spanish)
"Perfect Blue Buildings"- Counting Crows
"Institutionalized"- Suicidal Tendencies
"Numb"- Linkin Park
"Holiday in Cambodia"- Dead Kennedys

5 Snacks:
Ice Cream
DeLux Nuts (not peanuts)
Sour candy

5 Things I would do with $100,000:
Massive down payment for a house in Ann Arbor
Get a new car (haven't had one since 1989).
Get a good education for my kid.
Put some in a retirement fund.
Pay back everyone who helped me out when we were flirting with povery (no thanks to large organization).

5 Places I would run away to:
Mexico (to look for my retirement house)
British Columbia

5 Things I would NEVER wear:
High heels
Scratchy, lacey anything
(for the record, Hubby completed this portion of the tag for me. Perhaps he is trying to tell me something. Oh well.)

5 favorite T.V. shows:
Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)
(alright! I have a slight crush on him. I don't care if people say he's gay!)
Keeping Up Appearances
No Reservations (Travel Channel)
Tom & Jerry
More news well into the wee hours of the morning (thank hubby again for the news comment)

5 Greatest joys:
My husband
My kid
My best friend Fluffy (Ron)
My blanks (that would be called a blanket to those out of the loop)
My Job (thank you self employment)

5 Favorite toys:
Cell Phone (perfect for a recluse personality)
DVD player (movie theater?!? what's that?)
My blog journal (yeah, the one I use to hand write most of my blog posts)

5 People I am tagging:

Since it took so long for me to post this, I fear the fire has died out on it. If you want to do it, go ahead. (It would be nice to see Fluffy, Zeneric, What, Punk in Suburbia and Cynnie's answers, but I am not officially tagging them)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Just don't stand there with that camera! HELP ME!!!" Posted by Picasa
(see post below for explanation of this picture)

Let me introduce myself...

Meow! My name is Sully McBullers. I am the cat of the one who calls herself Camie. This photo is an indignity to my cat persona. Before this photo was taken, I was enjoying my 3 hour nap on MY couch. I was rudely interupted by the boy who shares this flat with me. Camie tells me I am fat, and resemble an aircraft carrier when I sleep on my side. All I know is that while enjoying my slumber, her boy insisted on using me as a platform for his solid wood blocks. Camie found my situation funny. I did not. Look into my eyes! Do I look amused?!? And they wonder why I like to bite.

(This post was originally going to end here....until THIS happened!)

Back to biting.... I finally had some time to myself. They took that little boy away to some science museum. When they returned, the boy was very happy and was playing with this tube thing that glowed green. The boy looked like he really liked this glow thing. He even wagged it in my FACE, saying that it was his new glow stick. I do not like it when he shoves things in my face. He has no respect for me!!

Some time went by and the boy grew tired of this glowing tube and set it down on the floor next to me. Now I had my chance to get that boy back for putting those blocks on me earlier. My teeth are long and sharp, perfect for chewing favorite toys. I sunk my fangs into the tube and.....AAAARRRGGGG!!! MEOW, MEOW, HOWL!!! I shook my head to rid my mouth of this rotten taste, and bits of green spattered onto the carpet. I ran and ran, trying to get away from the taste. Camie noticed this running I was doing. I never run, I am too fat to exert myself in this manner under normal circumstances. "What is wrong with you?" Camie yelled at me. Realizing I needed help, I stopped, looked at her straight on and howled. "Holy shit! The cat is foaming green at the mouth!" she screamed. I tried running again, but this time I was snatched up by the big man hands of Camie's husband. I knew I was in trouble, because he never touches me.

Next thing I know, I am being squeezed tightly. My paws, with my sharp claws, were bound by the man hands. This big man was carrying me into the kitchen, towards the SINK. He crammed my portly body into the sink, aiming my head in the direction of the WATER faucet!! Camie, who I thought loved me, TURNED on the WATER. My entire head, mouth, nose and face was completely saturated!! Had they forgotten that I hate water?!? But...but....hey, my mouth felt better, my taste had returned...the burning and foaming had stopped. They HAD helped me. The big man hands released me, and I ran for cover under their bed. I stayed there for half an hour, then decided I should thank them for their assistance. I rubbed their legs in thanks and returned to MY couch for a much needed rest.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

105 Degrees in the shade

It is too hot here, at the moment. I haven't the energy to do much of anything. I write you all this little explaination because I know you are all thinking I am slagging off on this blog thing. Really, I'm not. I have lots of posts in the draft file, just too lax getting them onto the site. Mind you, I have been visiting and commenting on lots of other blogs... Comments are easier to write than posts at times. So, as my readership dwindles, I find myself retreating back into the cool air conditioning of my bedroom to watch some T.V. and do nothing.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tag of Five!

My fine friend *Asterisk has invited me to a game of tag called 5 Things.

5 Things in my freezer

1. Salmon
2. Strip Steaks
3. Two bags of frozen "french fries"
4. Brine shrimp for the evil fish in the tank
5. Lots of ice cream and popsicles

5 Things in my closet

1. Cat food (and sometimes the cat if the door is left open)
2. Hats- none of them mine
3. Old Computer- not mine
4. Clothes, some which even fit and that I like
5. A Stethiscope

5 Things in my car

1. A gear shifter!!
2. Trash bag (often full)
3. iPod adapter
4. registration and insurance papers
5. Car seat (one)

5 Things in my purse (first off, I call it a BAG!)

1. Receipts from at least two years past
2. Wallet
3. PDA
4. Keys
5. My sons hospital wrist band from the day he was born, 4 years ago.

5 Friends I'm inviting to join the game:

1. Fluffy Stuffin'
2. JezebelsRiot
3. Zeneric
4. Cynnie
5. Tidy

Monday, July 24, 2006

Blog Post Updates...

Funny, I just got a phone call from my mom..... Remember this post? Gun's For iPods. In the last paragraph I mentioned that Klaus had failed to return the gun to my dad as he said he would. This angered me to the point of vengence, but both my parents forbid me from any sort of confrontation with Klaus. Being the good kid that I am, I "let it go". Today, my mom recieved a call from Mrs. Himmler, Klaus' mother. The message stated that the gun was at her house, and my mom was to pick it up. Mom, the gun hater, drove to the Himmler residence and retrieved my fathers precious shotgun. Story ends...

I also noticed a huge spike in visitors from the blogometer. Curious, I investigated this and found that wacky car fanatics were streaming to this post. The link back sent me here where I found a similar situation concerning enraged Ford engineers who drive prototypes on public roads. It's a funny story, go check it out.

The next link back was to a Blog dedicated to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Someone over there picked up my recent post about my love for Brian, and spread it too their readers. Thanks to the blog administer at Smiley Smile/Uncanny for the addition and credit.

Also, I have almost finished my post on Lebanon. I just need to work a few final touches, and begin the task of typing it into its place. Yep, it has been originally drafted by hand.

Monday, July 17, 2006

" I soon found out that my lonely life wasn't so pretty ..."

I must have been 8 or 9 when I first encounteed the legendary Beach Boy, Brian Wilson. One of the major T.V. networks released an hour long documentary of his rise and fall of life. To my mother's dismay I was glued the T.V., unable to take my eyes off this new found amazing man. "Camille? This is not interesting. Could you please find something we all want to watch?" my mother said in a terse tone. "Huh?", I responded. "What do you mean? He is smart. Listen to the tones". "Camille! He is a drug addict. He needs help. I don't think this show is good for you to watch". Thankfully, I won. She was too "tired" to get up to turn it herself. Since this was pre-remote control era it was my job to change the stations. I was stubborn, and I finished the show without hearing too much complaining.

When it was over, I ran into our basement where all of my sisters old albums (350+) were stored. My sister is 9 years older than me. Her music tastes were progressive, and well, she used to be really into drugs. The album "Pet Sounds" must be there....somewhere. There it was! Precious vinyl! I ran up to my room and slapped it onto my portable mono record player. Pure heaven. I couldn't get enough of it. I memorized each sound, every lyric. I drove my mother crazy, as crazy as she said Brian Wilson was. I loved his crazy self.

I got older, other music came and went. In the early 90's I found "Pet Sounds" on CD, digitally remastered. My love for him came flooding back. Once again, it was all that I listened to. During that time, I began going for Rolfing. While on the massage table I mentioned my love for Brian Wilson to my practitioner (now my collegue). She asked me his name again. I told her. She didn't know that he was a Beach Boy, but she did know his name. "Brian Wilson? Funny, I was at a spiritual retreat getting in touch with my inner self. A man named Brian Wilson was my spiritual companion", she said. A charge of energy raced through my body. I begged her for information, anything! She flatly refused, telling me she couldn't break their confidence. No amount of pleading could sway her. At my next appointment, I took a picture of him. "Yes, that was him. He looks far better in the photo than he does in person", she replied. As she began working on me she said "You love him and his work more than he loves himself, you know".

More years passed, and Brian emerged once more with "Smile". It took him 40 (drug and mentally impaired) years for him to get it together. When it came out, I was in the throws of new motherhood and didn't hear it. It wasn't until today that I got my hands on it. I still haven't listened to it..... It is downloading into my iPod as I type this. Tonight, when the son is in bed I will place the earbuds into my ears. I am hoping that I'll feel as happy as I do when I hear "Pet Sounds". I also hope that despite the numerous prescription drugs he takes to control those "creative" voices he hears, that he has found how to love himself as much as I love him.

title credit: "That's not me" by the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds, of course.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sick of meme's? Give this a go...

I ask:

When you read the words America and Propaganda, what do you think of?

Ideas may be used in an upcoming episode of CamieVision via Drunk Punk T.V. It would be helpful if the idea is able to be converted to imagery to convey its meaning.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Posting in the spirit of Asterisk....

World Cup Final today... We are to attend a little get together with some friends to watch the game. We are late, of course. Still waiting for the littlest member of the family to finish his lunch. In the mean time, I turn on the pre-Game show. What a load of yuck! It is full of commercials, not even good ones! Then the pre-game comes back on for 30 seconds of viewing of the players. Look fast, because here comes more commercials. My only hope is that they are doing this consumer overload now, so the game will be without adverts!

In other news...
I found out yesterday, that the tattooist who did my most recent piece... You know, the one that isn't finished... Well, he has gone on to JUNKIE oblivion and isn't in the state of mind to finish my piece. Go figure! I always turn to junk when my life is at the top of my game, ah, yeah, right! NOT! Luckily, one the remaining owners of the shop is experienced in black and gray work and says he can finish the shading. He really wants to do it, because of the other work that I have. Said something along the lines that it would be an honor to have his work next to the work of some well known artists....blah, blah, blah. Just do it perfect is all I say.

Game is finally on, gotta go. Asterisk, do you see now why I sit for days formulating my posts. Do you really want to read the drivel as it comes off the top of my head??

Friday, July 07, 2006

Downtown Ann Arbor on a Friday night...

this is an audio post - click to play

This was recorded this evening in Ann Arbor. It was open performance night downtown. This band, a three piece outfit, was playing on the sidewalk near an alley. They were really good.... this recording via a cell phone gives them no justice. The band thought it was cool that I was audioblogging them. Sorry, I didn't get the name or any other details.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"I confess, I confess, I confess...."

Okay... I'll admit it, too. I have been very busy. More busy than I have been in ages. Client are getting refered to my at a steady rate, thanks to my existing clients and two wonderful doctors. I am feeling much better about the families financial state. This is a huge weight that has been lifted from my shoulders. I rejoice.

Summer has also brought more playgroups for my son, and his friends from preschool are phoning him for other playdates. It is funny to see how popular my son is with his peers. We managed to buy a pool pass for the Ann Arbors city pools, and swim lessons are in the works. Piano lessons are progressing well. The little man has already exceeded my limited knowledge of reading music. I spend more time online looking up musical note reading so I can make sure his homework is correct. It always is... perhaps I should stop second guessing him. His school has also had a little pow-wow concerning his future education at the facility. The administration has decided not to allow him to enter Kindergarten a year early, dispite him knowing the whole curriculum. So another year of preschool it is for him. They have assured me they will keep him interested and active. I hope they are right, because he started voicing how boring preschool was last semester...

I have two posts in the works, more in my usual style (ie. not freeform like this post). I don't think I have mentioned this before, but I hand write all my posts (exept this one) before I submit them to the blog. I know, a waste of time, since I could risk typing them and saving them as drafts....I did that once and blogger ate a half hour of my typing. Yes, pen and paper work best for me. As for my viddy posts for Fatfiz TV....well, the first one was filmed, edited, and saved as a movie. Attempted to upload it to YouTube and it refused to play, telling me it was an invalid file type. I have no idea what to do to get it to work. I am using Windows MovieMaker as the editing tool, and saved the file as a movie (not a project) and it still doesn't work. If you have any suggestions let me know. I am kind of okay with the computer, and hate being outta the loop of technology. The props for the second viddy I want to attempt have been completed, but I need more time (and help with getting them to post correctly) before I will begin to get it committed to tape.

That's that! Thanks for all your great comments! And thanks for maintaining your blogs far better than I do my own... You all have provided some fantastic reading for me! Okay, enough for now. Time to get back to the England/Portugal footie game, and the Tour (de France).


title credit: Confess by the English Beat

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Place your bets. We're all so sick of waiting. Queen takes jack..."

As much as I wish I could report that I have been on holiday, well, sadly, this isn't the case. I am still here....rambling about in my brain matter with the raucous sounds of the Dresden Dolls. This band is the most played on my iPod (thank you, StripeySocks). Play, repeat, play, repeat.

Many blogmates have been fading into the shadows (of their own minds), leaving me to crawl through their archives, making me miss them all the more.

Come back, friends! Into the solase of blogger comradery.... We are here for ourselves, for each other, ourselves... It's all a lesson in the unconditional. Come back. Show yourself that you are strong, that we are strong, that you are MIGHTY!

title credit: "Dirty Business" by the Dresden Dolls

Thursday, June 15, 2006

"All my friends know the Low Rider..."

Most of my husbands siblings reside in California. There is a 3 hour time difference between California and Michigan (which is where we live). It is not unusual for me to recieve phone calls from primarily one of hubby's siblings after midnight. Normally, this isn't a major issue due to the fact that I don't even hear the phone ring at such times. I am most often drooling, I mean, sleeping when the calls come through.

One time, I did wake up. The phone was right next to my head so it was impossible to ignore. Checking to see that it was the rogue sibling, I let it go to voicemail. The next morning I woke up and decided to get this roque back. My clock read 8:30 am....subtact 3 hours...ah, that would make it 5:30 am on the west coast. I dial the phone....ring....ring....ring....ring......a very sleepy, out of sorts voice greets me on the other end. "Bitch! Do you know what time it is?" My cheery voice responds, "Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing last night. How did you know it was me?" Still sleepy rogue voice says, "By your ringtone....arg, I can't believe you called me before my alarm went off!" "Ring tone?", I purr into the phone. "What IS my ringtone, by the way?" "Low Rider by War" "Hello? hello?", I shout into the phone. I call back immediately. Yep, my call went to voicemail...

Low Rider? Why is my ringtone THAT?

Let's say we all talked on the phone.... What would be the ringtone you would choose for me???

title credit: Low Rider by War (of course)