Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"I want to be the minority...."

I dunno...I can relate to that squirrel....

This is what happens when the Fluffy Stuffin' runs out


Elohimus Maximus said...

EW! that is so gross. You are most likely a sinner for putting that up. Think I’m wrong? Think I’m right? Feel free to tell me about it by commenting on one of my articles. I invite your opinion. Just prepare to get crushed in a maelstrom of a debate!
God 1
sinners 0

Ron said...

Fluffy Stuffin' aint runnin no place...though I may be squirrel fodder...

Camie Vog said...

Good to see the God Squad is still keeping tabs on me...See you all in hell!

Laura said...

I knew it! Those little bastards ARE carniverous!

That does remind me, I need to get more red pepper flakes to keep them from eating all my spring bulbs. Yes, I'm the crazy lady of the neighborhood with the hair frowzed to one side of her head, screaming at the squirrels, "Get OUT of here you mangy little bastards!" and throwing her houseshoes at them as they scamper away.


There was a punk band called Spittin' Feathers. They were sh*te. Played 3 times in a pub in Rochdale then broke up. They didn't look like squirrels though. Thought you'd like to know....

Anonymous said...

You've still got the t-shirt? Wowee, ultimate respect there. I think you need to practice scowling more tho if your giving the finger!
Nice Blog by the way.

Camie Vog said...

Thanks for stopping by, Steve. A friend of 4Dinners is a friend of mine.
Yeah, still have the shirt. I was amazed it still fit. I used to scowl much better when I was younger. For some reason, as I've gotten older, I just seem to laugh more (on the outside, the inside is still ragin'). I'll be by your blog soon enough...get ready...

Anonymous said...

just 4 u cos ur my fav squirrely girlie, this is not at u, just 4 u :o)
you push

his brain

he cannot cope

you make him

feel he has

no hope

he cannot say

just how

he knows

that his brothers

wear his clothes

one steals

his thoughts

the other cries

all the while

inside his





Hiya Camie - got the 'flu. Off to Germany Thursday. Jax in an international Aerobics Gymnastics comp. Let you know how she does. Back Saturday night.....been in bed 3 days, get up an' nobody's sayin' anythin'. Like that pup guys blog...goin' back to bed 'til Thursday...(gettin' fed 'n watered without movin'...'flu's ok)


Just noticed the dickhead at the top. Left a comment on the Church of the whatever it is site. They might delete it as I told him he's a shithead.

Anonymous said...

no ur still there 4


Germany Calling..Germany Calling..

Next blog Sun/Mon or Tue when I get back and depending on how long it takes me to sober up..

Keep an eye on pup for me

StripeySocks said...

oh my god. that is awesome. heh, everything is awesome... anyway, i was just kind of reminding you that i am back and yeah. go have some kind of celebration.
or don't.