Saturday, February 18, 2006

"I've been waiting a long time for this moment to come. I'm destined for all"

A client stood me up yesterday. It's the second time she has done this in three months. She used to be a good client, been coming for bodywork for over a year. Next time I see her (?), I'll remind her that the lymph work will help improve her memory. That is, if she comes more often.

So, the husband, the fine Union apprentice got "The Call". "The Call" is what every hungry apprentice is waiting for. It comes after you've attended all the monthly union meetings. Spent 9 weeks of the year (more than any other apprentice) at the training center doing anything the higher ups tell you to do(like cleaning the place with your tongue) while earning $150.00 a week (yeah-about $3.75 and hour). Kiss every higher ups ass (with the same tongue) in terms of:

1. Campaigning for a mayor of a city that you don't live in.

2. Supporting their expensive drinking habits by buying a bottle for your business agent so they don't forget your name, and driving him home when he's too drunk after that golf outing.

3. Being sent to numerous shit jobs that only last a week at the most.

4. Making sure ALL your union dues and recertifications are paid for on time, even if you don't have the cash (because of those shit jobs). Good thing they take credit cards!

"The Call" concerns the job of the moment. This one is out of state, in the hurricane ravaged zone of this bewildered nation.
Duration of job: Unknown
Wage: WOW, we'll feel like millionaires + overtime
Hours of day on job: Unknown. I do know that he will work 21-30 days straight, then have a week off- PAID

Alright (or 'Right, like 4Dinners says :) )here's how this works...Everyone cross their fingers that this job comes through. When the job comes through, keep your fingers crossed that it isn't a complete hell-hole of a job.
Remember, this is Union Work, not Disney World.
I think I'll wait to open that box of unopened bills until I know it's in the bag.

title credit: "Waiting" by Green Day


Anonymous said...

i will cross everythin 4 u guys camie

Camie Vog said...

Thanks, dp. Every appendage counts...

Ron said...

What an ugggggleeee tale! Am I just paranoid? I feel like crackin' up!

bob said...

The Job: Rousting Quailtards for Itinerant Shootistas.

The Tools: One (1) blaze orange uniform, one (1) "how not to imitate a Quailtard" informational booklet, two (2) silouette guidebooks on "how to tell the difference between a B-17, a ME-109 and old lawyers", one (1) Power Bar

The Benefits: All the soylent green you can carry

Camie Vog said...