Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's official. I've had my first blog dream!

My flat, quite nice, appeared to be in the Netherlands. However, I spent a lot of time dealing with the French police. They were helping me deal with some thugs who were after me about some blog post of mine. Of course, the French police were of no help to me. It was deadpuppy and Hatigrace who came to save my day after meeting me in a cafe. This portion of the dream was enlightening since I've never seen a picture of pup. I must say, in my dream he was even more beautiful than Marrow from Harrow. I left the cafe to return safely to my flat. I no sooner arrive and my bell rings. I opened the door and in steps 4Dinners. He is carrying an overnight bag in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. "Sorry I'm late, mate. I brought along something to make up for it. Thank your stars for Duty Free! Steve sends his regards. His loss, couldn't make the boat in time", he says. Upstairs in the flat, my husband yells "Dinners here? Good. Dinner's ready". We head upstairs and the dream ends as I am pulling out a 6 pack of Watney's Red Barrel, a 6 pack of Watney's Stout, and a carton of ciggys from the shopping bag 4D's brought along. What a guy!

title credit: "Dreamweaver" by Gary Wright

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Don't you...forget about me....."

Take the Which Character Am I? Quiz

Snatched this quiz off of Fluffy Stuffin's blog. Being that this is the year of my 20th High School reunion, I find this quiz very fitting. It's good to see I haven't changed in all these years...

title credit: "Don't you (forget about me)" by Simple Minds

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Yeah, I know there's something dragging on my brain..."

Read "Our Band May Be Your Life" by Michael Azerrad. It is a history of American Hardcore from 1981-1991. Each segment is an in depth look at each band, from inseption to demise. It's a good read. Because of this book I re-discovered

Husker Du. What a fantastic band. I listened to them all through high school and college. Since I have their music all on vinyl (except New Day Rising), I needed to get it on CD for my listening pleasure. Luckily, Ron at Fluffy Stuffin' has copies of Zen Arcade, Warehouse Songs, and Candy Apple Gray for the borrowing, eh, yeah... I ordered my personal favorites Metal Circus and Land Speed Record from the local music shop to add to the collection.

As most of you know, Bob Mould, the guitarist of Husker Du, went on with a solo career. He came to Deeeetroit (ah, say it long, Pistons style. It's not a typo) to do two back to back shows at a club called Alvin's. I rode with some friends. My buddy parked in a ramp on Wayne State University's campus. The parking attendant told us we had to have the car out by midnight or it would be locked in overnight. Since we had tickets for the first show at 9:00 pm, and the second show was to start at 11:30 pm we thought for sure we'd be out in time.

Yeah, well that wasn't the case. 9pm came and went, as did 10, and 11. At 11:30, when the show still didn't start, my ride, worried about his car announced that we were leaving. WHAT!? And lose out on the show and the tickets we bought? I told my friend to go move the car and come back for the show. He began to whine that it was getting late (!), and how could I suggest moving the car to a potentially unsecure lot. We were in Detroit! The car could be stolen! I reminded him that he was born and raised in Flint just like me, and that he knew what it was all about. That got me nowhere.

On our way to the door, I asked for our money back and was refused. Pissed from three hours of drinking, I became pissed off. "Stay right here! Do not leave, yet! I will be back!", I barked at my friends. I turned back into the venue, now mobbed with people. I crawled my way through the crowd towards the stage. Once there, I ran for the stage door. Beyond the main door was a door off to the side. The dressing room! I swung it open and bolted in. There, sat Bob Mould, alone, smoking a cigarette.

"What the fuck are you doing just sitting there? Why aren't you out there raging on your guitar? I paid money to see you play, not for you to sit on your ass! Now my ride is leaving and I'm out the fucking cash! Fuck! I own everything you have released on vinyl, saw Husker Du three times, and this is how you treat your fans?!?" I yelled. He stood up, "Hey! Hi! Ah, what's your name?" he asked. "CAMI!", I blurt out, still pumped from my outburst. I began to realize that I had burst in on Bob Mould's pre-show ju-ju. As massive waves of anxiety clouds began to form over my head, he says "Okay. Cami. Here, have a seat. Do you smoke? Here, here is a cigarette". I sat down on a fluffy (stuffin') couch, he lit my smoke, asked if I needed a drink (eh,no more of those). Nice guy.

I told him my situation about my ride, and that I would have to miss the show. He explained to me that the concert promoter didn't feel enough people had bought tickets for the last show so he decided to combine them. That meant pushing the first show back at the last minute. Bob Mould said it was out of his hands. So there we sat, backstage, engaging in small talk. As we mashed our smokes out into an overflowing ashtray, he offered to refund the tickets for me and my friends. He opened the door of his dressing room and told a stage hand to walk me to the front and make sure we got all our money back. I told him thanks, and we shook hands. He even told me it was nice meeting me.

Very cool. Boy, was that concert promoter mad that he had to give us our cash back. I regret not seeing the show, but it was worth meeting Bob Mould in the end.

title credit: Lifeline by Husker Du

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tag! I'm it....

4D's has tagged me. Here are my current favorite songs:

1. Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day
2. La Tortura- Shakira
3. Waiting Room- Fugazi
4. 'Cross the Breeze- Sonic Youth
5. King Without a Crown- Matisyahu
6. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
7. Born Toulouse-Lautrec - New Bomb Turks

These songs (with the exception of number one) are all subject to change at a moments notice.

I tag the following: Fluffy Stuffin', ack/nak, Punk in Suburbia, In Persuit of Perfection, CheeseQueen, Afraid of the Dark

The Michigan Chapter of the O.P.F.C Fan Club sends their most gracious congratulations to the members of this fine Club for their slashing win this Sunday.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

1,000 people strong!

Just surpassed the 1,000 mark on the glorious site meter. Woo-hoo!

"I'd like to thank the acadamy, my loving family, and of course, my amazing fans for all their support....."

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Our house, in the middle of our street..."

4 Dinners has spurred a new theme....our neighborhood. I've been in talks with the chap from Fluffy Stuffin' about creating a duel project/series about the town we live in, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our idea is that this project will cross over both blogs and will highlight the subtleties of our diverse community. Our intent is to have a new dedicated city post bi-weekly (eh, or maybe monthly...) starting with our homes.

Fluffy Stuffin' and I have been living in Ann Arbor 20+ years. We are "transplants", since neither of us were born and raised here. Both of us ran screaming from the dying industrial towns which spawned us. In my opinion, Ann Arbor is the only city in Michigan worth living in. I stand solidly behind this statement, so you ney sayers from other Michigan cities, don't bother flaming me. I have travelled to many places in this state, other states, and numerous countries. I always come home to Ann Arbor. Fluffy Stuffin' and I hope you'll enjoy our perspective on Tree Town (the official nickname).

I would also like to extend thanks to the Old Pretenders Football Club
for asking me to represent their team in Michigan. Effective immediately, I accept the prestigious life long presidential position (say that three times fast) of the O.P.F.C., Michigan Chapter. I have included a permenant link to their web site in my links section to further support this fine team. If interested in joining the only O.P. fan club in the United States (at this time, I'm sure other state chapters will be joining soon) please contact me via this blog.

title credit: "Our House" by Madness (duH)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bitchin' Camaro, Bitchin' Camaro! I'm drunk on unleaded!

from the much greater insight file

20 years ago today, I was in a horrific auto accident...

What a beautiful car. It's a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, with a 350 motor, automatic transmission. This car was fast. My punk rock boyfriend received it on his 17th birthday. In retrospect, it wasn't the best decision to give a 17 year old alcoholic this type of car.

This is the remains of the car after a head on impact with another vehicle at 140 MPH. My punk rock boyfriend was the driver, I was the passenger. We were both wearing lap belts, no shoulder straps. He broke his ankle. Me, I didn't fair so well. I took a direct hit into the door pillar (the metal part, between the windshield and the passenger door). I shattered my nose, broke my jaw in two places, lost my two front teeth, bit a chunk out of my lower lip, and broke my back at the 4th lumbar.

The driver of the car we hit, she died on impact. She was estimated at traveling about 55 MPH (us: 140 MPH, you do the math). Her injuries, which were extensive, were sustained after the engine in our car became airborne due to faulty engine mounts (General Motors design flaw). On impact the motor ejected from out car(sparing us, killing her), into hers, deflected and landed 700 feet from impact. It is believed that our car then flew over her car and landed 400 feet from impact. The doctors suspect this was how I broke my back (spinal cord was okay...yes, I can walk).

This photo of me was taken 6 weeks after the accident. I just had the wires in my jaw removed, as well as two large pieces of glass from my sinus area. Believe it or not, I was happy in this photo. It was my first meal of solid food since before the accident. I cried through the entire meal. My jaw was still stiff and painful, but that food was good.

You are probably wondering why we were doing 140 in the first place. The punk rock boyfriend and I attended an all night drinking party. We left at 6a.m. to return to his house. On the way, we pulled along side a 1986 Buick Grand National (another fast car) at a stop light. Drag race insued. We were in our correct lane, he was in the oncoming lane...we were winning. We hit a patch of ice on the road and began fish tailing. As this was happening, the car we hit was coming towards us. She saw the car we were racing in her lane. In hopes of saving herself, she began to cross the center line to get off the road and avoid the two cars coming at her. She had no idea how fast we were going. Our car hit her head on, on the center line of the road. The car we were racing veered behind us, catching our transmission, drive train, and gas tank under his car.

The end result, she lost her life, I lost my face, and the punk rock boyfriend was the 3rd person in Michigan to be charged with second degree murder (definition: non-premeditated killing, resulting from an assault in which death of the victim was a distinct possibility) for a drunk driving accident. The driver of the car we were racing got off completely. He was an off duty police officer, on his way home after his shift.

Punk rock boyfriend eventually plead guilty to manslaughter, receiving 5 years probation, no jail time. I had 15 surgeries to correct the damage to my face over the next 8 years. Overall, the doctors did well by me, I think. Punk rock boyfriend and I broke up 3 tumoltuous years later, and didn't speak again until his father died last year. The woman who died left behind a husband and a young son. He's about 27 now. Her husband, well, he was having an affair with another woman before his wifes death. He married the mistress 4 months after his wife died. The driver of the race car...have no clue about him.

Hope this story wasn't too much for you all. It is time for me to purge what clutters my head...that's all.

title credit: "Bitchin' Camaro" by the Dead Milkmen

(BTW- sickly intestinal distress I was suffering from the past few days seems to be on its way out, so to speak.)

Friday, March 03, 2006

billboard which greets you upon entering Ann Arbor Posted by Picasa

Get your philosophy from a bumper sticker...

I'm normally not the bumper sticker kind of person... I did bust a gut over two of them I spotted yesterday.

1. What is our oil doing under their sand?


2. I love my country. I just think it's time we started seeing other people.

Both were spotted on the same car, near Ann Arbor, MI

Homeland Security is all right by me

Okay, I know this picture is a little dark...if you look close you'll notice that this guy is sporting a mohawk. I didn't want to use a flash, I was trying to be sly. It was taken at the Border crossing between the U.S. and Canada. I don't think he was border control. He went into a toll booth (which had a scented candle burning in it). Even still, it was on the U.S. side. Geez, all those years I got harassed on the job for having weird hair...I could have gotten a job at the border....