Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tag! I'm it....

4D's has tagged me. Here are my current favorite songs:

1. Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day
2. La Tortura- Shakira
3. Waiting Room- Fugazi
4. 'Cross the Breeze- Sonic Youth
5. King Without a Crown- Matisyahu
6. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
7. Born Toulouse-Lautrec - New Bomb Turks

These songs (with the exception of number one) are all subject to change at a moments notice.

I tag the following: Fluffy Stuffin', ack/nak, Punk in Suburbia, In Persuit of Perfection, CheeseQueen, Afraid of the Dark

The Michigan Chapter of the O.P.F.C Fan Club sends their most gracious congratulations to the members of this fine Club for their slashing win this Sunday.



ta Camie. Whatever Taggin' is it's not my scene really but Tara's ok. It's a one off I think. Mind you if someone can tell us how to put a link up to listen it'd be good. Get Sheriff Fatman heard in the USA. Wicked...

Mailed the OP's your congrats. Maybe you're a lucky charm. Next week'll tell...

Anonymous said...

she is a charm alritey

Laura said...

Oh my Gad! I've been specifically tagged! Ok, must do!

Yes, I'm easily excitible, however the hell it's spelled. :D