Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ann Arbor World Wide?

I was out with the family last night on Main Street in Ann Arbor. After our customary Friday meal at Sabor Latino restaurant, we decided to head down Main Street to Peaceable Kingdom. Peaceable Kingdom is a cool store that has high end items as well as little cutesy trinkets for a dollar. The real reason for us going was to see if Tiny, the fairy who lives at the store had recieved the little alpaca scarf I had knit for her (on size 0 needles...equals very small stitches). To see pictures and read more about these unique doors, refer to my links section on the right margin of the blog.

Sure enough, through the inside window of Tiny's fairy shop was the little cream colored scarf. It rested elequently between two beautiful hats in ornate hat boxes. The hat boxes had been left for Tiny a few weeks before we left the scarf. My son was so excited to see it in her shop he began shouting "It's there!". His outburst drew the attention of two older women who began chattering about the fairy door. The youngest of the two women pulled out a newspaper clipping from her granny bag. "Yes, here it is. It says it is the nicest fairy abode in Ann Arbor". My husband asked her what she was reading from. "Oh, we are from Washington D.C. There was an article about these doors in the Washington Post. We flew in this morning", she said. "You flew from D.C. this morning to see the fairy doors?", my husband asked her in disbelief. "No, silly. We are here for graduation", she replied. "Ah! " I say to my husband, "there is a university in this city. I suspected all those buildings around here were used for something important".

Sure enough, our cherished fairy doors have hit the big time. This proves that nothing really is sacred. Thanks to that article, I'm sure Ann Arbor will experience a huge tourist boom. Time to move to think I'm joking about Mexico. More to come about that later...Mexico, that is.


Anonymous said...

o those kinda fairies....

hay dun hit me its only a joke
dp u know u cant says fag in aol chat rooms? i gotta tos 4 that n i was only sayin somethin back 2 an jerk in there, so never says fag in aol chat unless ur in england then u can lite up i guess :o(

zeneric667 said...

'member that book gen x when they all took off for san felipe in the baja peninsula? that has always stuck in my head and may be an option someday.

the cappuccino kid said...

you sure its for fairies and not for tom cruise?
freaky poisened dwarf. do people over there question just what the f*** katie holmes is doing with him?

Anonymous said...

Tourist boom? Lets all move to Mexico and live like lazy marxists. Mind you would like to have a look at your home town. Anything must be better than Wigan.


Better than England right now...We're all comin' over Camie...Get the guest room ready

Camie Vog said...

Okay, the room is all set. Got enough space for 'bout 12 or so. Space will be tight, but we're all friends, right?

the cappuccino kid said...

i'll bring my tent, if thats ok? save a but of space.
and with my feet after they have been in doc martins all day...phew!
do you have p.g. tips tea bags out there? shall i take some 4D?

bob said...

1. Does the Fairy Store count as a sub-let? If so, does that violate the conditions of Peaceable Kingdon's lease?
2. Do the proprietors of the Fairy Store need to adhere by OSHA and other fair-labor practices?
3. Does the Fairy Store take credit cards? If so, I'd be curious what bank approved their credit.
4. Does the Fairy Store have a secondary exit for fire safety purposes?

I'm sure I'll come up with a few more soul-killing thoughts as I ponder the essential wonderfulness of this concept.

Ron said...


1.) No, the Fairy Store is classified as "Co-habitation."

2.) The Orcs Union greased the wheels for the Fairies with OSHA; s'cool. And the Fairies, like the Wobblies, believe in Fair-ie labor practices.

3.) Needless to say, the Gnomes of Zurich solved this problem for the Fairies as well.

4.) They make exits "on the fly."

Too much bureaucratic questioning of the Fairies may lead them to call in a favor with their brother union the Leprechans. An Irishman should tread softly.

bob said...

It's an inevitable escalation - Fairies to Leprechauns to Puca to Silkies to Bansidhe to Democrats to Fruit Bats to Orangoutans.