Saturday, June 10, 2006

"On the road, again..."

I know, I know... I haven't been at my blog much lately. It doesn't help that Blogger has been having issues. For 3 days I've been trolling around the usual blogs, attempting to leave comments and finding that they choose not to post. A person can be greeted with a "connection reset" or a "down for maintenance" screen so many times before wild discouragement sets in.

I've also been going ga-ga over Fatfiz T.V. and Drunk Punk T.V. Audio blogging is fun, but this video stuff is the bomb! I have finally solidified my idea for my firs viddy post. Look for it soon on Fatfiz T.V. Please be patient...I am still in the process of gathering all the props I need for this huge undertaking. I have no editing skills, so I will be using a real time format. Being that we have owned our video camera for 4 years, I have never even turned it on until two days ago. I have yet to figure out how to get it from the camera to the hard drive. Hubby does know how to do this. Of course, arm twisting will commence in order to have it uploaded in a timely fashion.

My sister has come to our house to watch my son for the weekend. Yes, for the first time in 4 years, hubby and I get to go off on our own. We are planning on visiting the Rock-n-Roll Hall of fame in Cleaveland, Ohio (and maybe an amusement park, too). I doubt I can take the viddy camera into the museum, but I will have the camera with me.

See you all on Monday! I leave you with a parting photo.....(the first photo of hubby on my blog!)

photo has been removed to PROTECT the innocent!!!!!!



Ron said...

Camie! Great Mini Pic! Where was it?

I think cameras of anykind are verbotten in the Rock Hall of Fame...but good luck!


He's a looker CV! Well caught! 'N a mini n all. Great British car (once upon a time)

Use Windows Movie Maker for editing.

To download just plug in yer cam lead n then plug into a spare usb n put cam on pc.


oh yeah...n have a good time n all

the cappuccino kid said...

enjoy. fetch us something nice.

four d, i think you will find that its german now! bmw! forshame.

this is the self preservation society!

eric said...

hey cammie! if you go to the r-n-r hall of fame, look upstairs for the actual paper hunter s. thompson sent back to rolling stone for the beginnings of fear and loathing in las vegas. also they have the suits devo wore in their "satisfaction" video. fun stuff. also lyrics jimi wrote and all sorts of cool stuff. orale!!!

Anonymous said...

did u has fun?

Anonymous said...

off to get some religious paraphenallia are we? Some new candles for your cult???

ldbug said...

Is that your car? very cool!

Anonymous said...

camie is kidnap by the rnr hall of fame thay musta read her stories on backstages stuff

Melanie said...

My husband and I just stole away for three days to San Diego, while our toddler stayed with his parents in Orange County. It was fantastic! Alone time together is always a good way to reconnect and figure out why the hell you're with that person in the first place (aside from the whole ring on the finger, "I Do", we have a kid thing).