Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Smash the silence with a brick of self control..."

That little escapade on Saturday (a la "I spy a prototype!") was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits (along with copious milligrams of B vitamins). I feel about as good as it gets.

One major positive event has happened for the home front. The Union that my husband (the apprentice) is in has found a job for him in his field! Gasp! Shocking, isn't it?!? As hubby has forbidden me from exposing his trade (and union issues) on this blog, I can only report that he is doing well at the position and that he is working at a major developement in the city of Detroit. As with all of the jobs the Union has found for him, it is a temporary position. So far, he has put in two weeks, and it looks as if he may work there well into the summer. This is good. Very GOOD!

Now, on to business.... I was tagged by a.c.t. and musicgirl last week with the same tag. The topic is: 10 things I Hate About My Work Place. I only could come up with 8. This was no easy task, being that I am self-employed! Sorry for the delay, here are my answers.

1. Being that I work out of my home, and clients come to me, the house must be clean. This is a problem since my primary housekeeper (me) lothes house work.

2. My business tends to rely on word of mouth to attract new clients. It is a good thing the boss (me) does great work and that the clients have big mouths. Because the senior marketing manager (me) is a hermit who would rather blog on her off time instead of doing the leg work required to pull in new clients.

3. The senior secretary (me) understands that most clients like to schedule their appointments in the time frame between 2-5 p.m., and will allow the client any day of the week to give them the time they need. This means the boss has to work 5 days a week between 2-5 p.m. each day. The boss would rather work 2 days a week with a full schedule, as opposed to 2 clients a day for 5 days.

4. It is hard to find child care to cover the schedule mentioned above. This means that the kid of the boss has to entertain himself for an hour or so before the boss's husband arrives to pick up the slack. It is not uncommon for the kid to burst in on the boss and client to ask the client how they are doing. The boss is lucky that her kid is so charming...

5. The boss wishes she had a private chef, because she hates having to make her own dinner after work.

6. The boss no longer allows the marketing manager to place print ads for clients in any kinds of magazines or newspapers. The marketing manager was almost fired for doing this after a "John" disguised as a client arrived for an appointment more interested in "lovin' " than Lymphatic Bodywork.

7. The boss is often discouraged, since she spends more time explaining what the Lymphatic work does for the body, and less time actually working on it.

8. The boss would love to relocate her business to another country, but has found that most countries of interest to her have adopted the same policy of the U.S. in regards to foreign nationals..."Oh, not from here?!? What's wrong with your own country? We have no place for you here! Get out!"

The End!

title credit: "She" by Green Day


a.c.t said...

If I were you I would provide blindfolds for clients as they enter your house and escort them to your office, that way you don't have to clean the house as often. I can't really think of an explanation though sorry....I'll give it some thought.

* (asterisk) said...

Something to do with being more relaxed without the cacophony of domestic visual stimuli?

Musicgirl said...

Whoa! You were double tagged?!?! read and congrats to your hubby!!! Detroit is a cool city. I actually have some family there. :)

a.c.t said...

Ah yes thanks Asterisk, it was on the tip of my tongue. I think C.V will thank us for this.

Anonymous said...

my dads trainer use 2 trade 1 hr traing 4 1 hr massge mabe u can get a hosue cleaner that way?

Ron said...

Soon, the son of the boss may be taking one of your positions, like Cleaner of The House...don't laugh, it's traditionally why people have children!

ldbug said...

Congratulations on the job front for your guy!!!! Always a surprise to get a job and then, surprise, atually LIKE it!

Must take a lot of disipline to work from home..I seem to gravitate to the couch unless I leave the house for work!

Cynnie said...

I was thinking of having a lymphwhatever massage..what is that?
I think I mainly wanted the massage..
Tell me what it'll help

the cappuccino kid said...

your hubby has his own field but you won't say what he does? doh! its obvious he's a farmer!
do i win a prize?

Anonymous said...

A guy turned up for some 'lovin'?

Did your husband boot him up the backside?

What a freak!

How can lymphatic massage be even considered remotely erotic?

Some people eh?


Yer can do yer Lympy stuff over here anytime yer want - although I think my body's waaaaaaaay beyond help

Hattigrace said...

Would like to hear the diff between your Lymph massage and a "regular" massage. Very interesting.

Pool party will be next spring/summer. We're gonna wait til winter to put pool in, hopefully will save us some and besides, they are all booked through August! Yea on all the bloggers you mentioned!! :>)

Amy said...

My mom certainly has a big mouth. Have you tried the Canadian moving quiz? I could, apparently, move to Canada. Too bad I don't want to do so!

Razzamatazz said...

I can easily get round problem 1. Simply blindfold your clients. This can also be helpful if you happen to be ugly.

Melanie said...

I always kind of chuckle when I go for a massage of any kind and they have that "don't talk dirty to me or ask me to fuck you" clause at the bottom of the release form. Scary that it's necessary.

I still don't understand how anyone could be turned on by lymph work. Then again, there are some pretty sick fucks out there.