Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tag of Five!

My fine friend *Asterisk has invited me to a game of tag called 5 Things.

5 Things in my freezer

1. Salmon
2. Strip Steaks
3. Two bags of frozen "french fries"
4. Brine shrimp for the evil fish in the tank
5. Lots of ice cream and popsicles

5 Things in my closet

1. Cat food (and sometimes the cat if the door is left open)
2. Hats- none of them mine
3. Old Computer- not mine
4. Clothes, some which even fit and that I like
5. A Stethiscope

5 Things in my car

1. A gear shifter!!
2. Trash bag (often full)
3. iPod adapter
4. registration and insurance papers
5. Car seat (one)

5 Things in my purse (first off, I call it a BAG!)

1. Receipts from at least two years past
2. Wallet
3. PDA
4. Keys
5. My sons hospital wrist band from the day he was born, 4 years ago.

5 Friends I'm inviting to join the game:

1. Fluffy Stuffin'
2. JezebelsRiot
3. Zeneric
4. Cynnie
5. Tidy

Monday, July 24, 2006

Blog Post Updates...

Funny, I just got a phone call from my mom..... Remember this post? Gun's For iPods. In the last paragraph I mentioned that Klaus had failed to return the gun to my dad as he said he would. This angered me to the point of vengence, but both my parents forbid me from any sort of confrontation with Klaus. Being the good kid that I am, I "let it go". Today, my mom recieved a call from Mrs. Himmler, Klaus' mother. The message stated that the gun was at her house, and my mom was to pick it up. Mom, the gun hater, drove to the Himmler residence and retrieved my fathers precious shotgun. Story ends...

I also noticed a huge spike in visitors from the blogometer. Curious, I investigated this and found that wacky car fanatics were streaming to this post. The link back sent me here where I found a similar situation concerning enraged Ford engineers who drive prototypes on public roads. It's a funny story, go check it out.

The next link back was to a Blog dedicated to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Someone over there picked up my recent post about my love for Brian, and spread it too their readers. Thanks to the blog administer at Smiley Smile/Uncanny for the addition and credit.

Also, I have almost finished my post on Lebanon. I just need to work a few final touches, and begin the task of typing it into its place. Yep, it has been originally drafted by hand.

Monday, July 17, 2006

" I soon found out that my lonely life wasn't so pretty ..."

I must have been 8 or 9 when I first encounteed the legendary Beach Boy, Brian Wilson. One of the major T.V. networks released an hour long documentary of his rise and fall of life. To my mother's dismay I was glued the T.V., unable to take my eyes off this new found amazing man. "Camille? This is not interesting. Could you please find something we all want to watch?" my mother said in a terse tone. "Huh?", I responded. "What do you mean? He is smart. Listen to the tones". "Camille! He is a drug addict. He needs help. I don't think this show is good for you to watch". Thankfully, I won. She was too "tired" to get up to turn it herself. Since this was pre-remote control era it was my job to change the stations. I was stubborn, and I finished the show without hearing too much complaining.

When it was over, I ran into our basement where all of my sisters old albums (350+) were stored. My sister is 9 years older than me. Her music tastes were progressive, and well, she used to be really into drugs. The album "Pet Sounds" must be there....somewhere. There it was! Precious vinyl! I ran up to my room and slapped it onto my portable mono record player. Pure heaven. I couldn't get enough of it. I memorized each sound, every lyric. I drove my mother crazy, as crazy as she said Brian Wilson was. I loved his crazy self.

I got older, other music came and went. In the early 90's I found "Pet Sounds" on CD, digitally remastered. My love for him came flooding back. Once again, it was all that I listened to. During that time, I began going for Rolfing. While on the massage table I mentioned my love for Brian Wilson to my practitioner (now my collegue). She asked me his name again. I told her. She didn't know that he was a Beach Boy, but she did know his name. "Brian Wilson? Funny, I was at a spiritual retreat getting in touch with my inner self. A man named Brian Wilson was my spiritual companion", she said. A charge of energy raced through my body. I begged her for information, anything! She flatly refused, telling me she couldn't break their confidence. No amount of pleading could sway her. At my next appointment, I took a picture of him. "Yes, that was him. He looks far better in the photo than he does in person", she replied. As she began working on me she said "You love him and his work more than he loves himself, you know".

More years passed, and Brian emerged once more with "Smile". It took him 40 (drug and mentally impaired) years for him to get it together. When it came out, I was in the throws of new motherhood and didn't hear it. It wasn't until today that I got my hands on it. I still haven't listened to it..... It is downloading into my iPod as I type this. Tonight, when the son is in bed I will place the earbuds into my ears. I am hoping that I'll feel as happy as I do when I hear "Pet Sounds". I also hope that despite the numerous prescription drugs he takes to control those "creative" voices he hears, that he has found how to love himself as much as I love him.

title credit: "That's not me" by the Beach Boys (Pet Sounds, of course.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sick of meme's? Give this a go...

I ask:

When you read the words America and Propaganda, what do you think of?

Ideas may be used in an upcoming episode of CamieVision via Drunk Punk T.V. It would be helpful if the idea is able to be converted to imagery to convey its meaning.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Posting in the spirit of Asterisk....

World Cup Final today... We are to attend a little get together with some friends to watch the game. We are late, of course. Still waiting for the littlest member of the family to finish his lunch. In the mean time, I turn on the pre-Game show. What a load of yuck! It is full of commercials, not even good ones! Then the pre-game comes back on for 30 seconds of viewing of the players. Look fast, because here comes more commercials. My only hope is that they are doing this consumer overload now, so the game will be without adverts!

In other news...
I found out yesterday, that the tattooist who did my most recent piece... You know, the one that isn't finished... Well, he has gone on to JUNKIE oblivion and isn't in the state of mind to finish my piece. Go figure! I always turn to junk when my life is at the top of my game, ah, yeah, right! NOT! Luckily, one the remaining owners of the shop is experienced in black and gray work and says he can finish the shading. He really wants to do it, because of the other work that I have. Said something along the lines that it would be an honor to have his work next to the work of some well known artists....blah, blah, blah. Just do it perfect is all I say.

Game is finally on, gotta go. Asterisk, do you see now why I sit for days formulating my posts. Do you really want to read the drivel as it comes off the top of my head??

Friday, July 07, 2006

Downtown Ann Arbor on a Friday night...

this is an audio post - click to play

This was recorded this evening in Ann Arbor. It was open performance night downtown. This band, a three piece outfit, was playing on the sidewalk near an alley. They were really good.... this recording via a cell phone gives them no justice. The band thought it was cool that I was audioblogging them. Sorry, I didn't get the name or any other details.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

"I confess, I confess, I confess...."

Okay... I'll admit it, too. I have been very busy. More busy than I have been in ages. Client are getting refered to my at a steady rate, thanks to my existing clients and two wonderful doctors. I am feeling much better about the families financial state. This is a huge weight that has been lifted from my shoulders. I rejoice.

Summer has also brought more playgroups for my son, and his friends from preschool are phoning him for other playdates. It is funny to see how popular my son is with his peers. We managed to buy a pool pass for the Ann Arbors city pools, and swim lessons are in the works. Piano lessons are progressing well. The little man has already exceeded my limited knowledge of reading music. I spend more time online looking up musical note reading so I can make sure his homework is correct. It always is... perhaps I should stop second guessing him. His school has also had a little pow-wow concerning his future education at the facility. The administration has decided not to allow him to enter Kindergarten a year early, dispite him knowing the whole curriculum. So another year of preschool it is for him. They have assured me they will keep him interested and active. I hope they are right, because he started voicing how boring preschool was last semester...

I have two posts in the works, more in my usual style (ie. not freeform like this post). I don't think I have mentioned this before, but I hand write all my posts (exept this one) before I submit them to the blog. I know, a waste of time, since I could risk typing them and saving them as drafts....I did that once and blogger ate a half hour of my typing. Yes, pen and paper work best for me. As for my viddy posts for Fatfiz TV....well, the first one was filmed, edited, and saved as a movie. Attempted to upload it to YouTube and it refused to play, telling me it was an invalid file type. I have no idea what to do to get it to work. I am using Windows MovieMaker as the editing tool, and saved the file as a movie (not a project) and it still doesn't work. If you have any suggestions let me know. I am kind of okay with the computer, and hate being outta the loop of technology. The props for the second viddy I want to attempt have been completed, but I need more time (and help with getting them to post correctly) before I will begin to get it committed to tape.

That's that! Thanks for all your great comments! And thanks for maintaining your blogs far better than I do my own... You all have provided some fantastic reading for me! Okay, enough for now. Time to get back to the England/Portugal footie game, and the Tour (de France).


title credit: Confess by the English Beat