Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tag of Five!

My fine friend *Asterisk has invited me to a game of tag called 5 Things.

5 Things in my freezer

1. Salmon
2. Strip Steaks
3. Two bags of frozen "french fries"
4. Brine shrimp for the evil fish in the tank
5. Lots of ice cream and popsicles

5 Things in my closet

1. Cat food (and sometimes the cat if the door is left open)
2. Hats- none of them mine
3. Old Computer- not mine
4. Clothes, some which even fit and that I like
5. A Stethiscope

5 Things in my car

1. A gear shifter!!
2. Trash bag (often full)
3. iPod adapter
4. registration and insurance papers
5. Car seat (one)

5 Things in my purse (first off, I call it a BAG!)

1. Receipts from at least two years past
2. Wallet
3. PDA
4. Keys
5. My sons hospital wrist band from the day he was born, 4 years ago.

5 Friends I'm inviting to join the game:

1. Fluffy Stuffin'
2. JezebelsRiot
3. Zeneric
4. Cynnie
5. Tidy



Do I really really want to know why you've got a stethiscope in yer closet? And a nurses outfit???...I'm gettin' all excited now

zeneric said...

i'm new to this so bear with me:

5 things in my freezer:
1) chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
2) frozen ravioli
3) italian sausage
4) red baron supreme pizza
5) mango papaya butter

5 things in my closet
1) all my backpacking gear
2) clothes
3) a mailing tube full of movie posters i never got around to hanging up or don't want to hang up
4) camera equipment
5) a safe that contains important papers pertaining to the adoption,stuff my mother sent me when i was a little boy, pictures of various things including the vegas chick, and the diploma

5 things in my car
1) cd's -miles, suicidal, mozart
2) "i got a tree on my mirror so my car won't smell"
3) tire iron and jack
4) water
5) snow brush

5 things in my purse (since i'm a guy i'll call it a backpack)
1) library books- mario's recipes from babbo, fodor's las vegas 2006
2) rain jacket and winter hat - so i can put away sysco order in the freezer
3) my own personal notebook full of recipes, prep lists, inventory, soups special ideas, menus i brought back from vegas, and my resume
4) keys to the kingdom
5) travel chess set

the cappuccino kid said...

hmmm, the doctor will see you now!

* (asterisk) said...

Wasn't so bad, was it?


Plus, I know I've never responded to your note about your tattoo artists. I've just not had time to investigate their work, but I'm keen to check them out once I get a few spare minutes. Of course, I've heard of Jack Rudy, though.

Minerva Jane said...

oh how sweet that you still have his hospital bracelet! (12 of 20)

the cappuccino kid said...

me and vic have still got what was left of fyns umbilical cord after it fell off!
and his bracelet! why would anyone throw those away?

Red said...

Isn't it funny that everybody who has a cat (or anybody who's owned by one, I should say, lest I incur the wrath of the feline gods) has a cat sleeping in their closet?!

Kat Maul said...

Hiya!*waves to Camie* thanks for the welcome :-) Hehe....my cat often sleeps under the bath... mind you he has to go through the cupboard under the sink to get there! Also my cupboards have about 5 million things in... I get confused trying to decide what to pick :-S


You've ignored the 'nurses outfit' comment. Why?....I'm tremblin' here!!!!!

Camie Vog said...

Okay, okay. The nurses outfit is non-regulation, made of shiney PVC... Yes, it is snug.

Laura said...

LOL about the whole nurse thing. I'm sure telling the guys about a PVC uniform is like hitting a bee hive with a baseball bat.

I love lists, thanks for sharing! :)