Sunday, January 14, 2007

It was a great surprise, but was it really worth it?

Son and I had a big surprise for Saturday. Hubby, who was supposed to be gone for 2 weeks returned to visit us for about 36 hours. We had lots of fun, ate good homemade food, baked cookies and brownies for him to take one the road, and did his laundry. Yeah, most of you would be like, "ho-hum...sounds like a blast", but for us it was heaven. He left this morning at 3:45 am to hook up with the driver and the rig. At 5:30 am, my phone rang. Not a good sign. Sure enough, his car died 10 miles away from his meeting point. I hazily wrote down the info of where I could find the car so I could some how have it towed back to the flat. I told him to get to the rig, that his job was more important than him worrying about the stupid car. An hour later my phone rings again. Hubby explains that he got a jump-start and made it to the yard and rig. He was on the road as he spoke to me. Luckily, the trainer likes him, so he waited for him despite the bad weather that they were going to be up against.

Speaking of weather, here is an image of the weather patterns currently happening in the US.
See all that light pink, dark pink, and green? Yeah, that is what hubby gets to drive through. Should be lots of fun for him, being a new rig driver, who is hauling 45 thousand pounds behind him. My fingers are majorly crossed for him. Hopefully, he will make his destination unharmed and within his required time. This is where the "was it really worth" having him home comes in. Had he kept to his schedule, he would have avoided most of this crappy weather. But they took a chance so he could relax a bit.

UPDATE: 7:45 pm
Just heard from Hubby. They made it safely to Memphis. The trainer did most of the driving through the ice and snow. Their plans are to take a 4 hour nap before heading out to finish the route. They should reach Louisiana by 2am. All is well.


Cynnie said...

I'm lighting a candle and saying a wee prayer for the hubby asap..
And since I'm catholic you know it'll get straight to the big man himself..
Uh ..yeah..

Do you ever go to the knitaround ?
( I think It's a local yarn shop)
I asked Ron..but he insisted on being a man and not knowing a damn thing about you and knitting stuff..
You do gorgeous work ..
You impress me more every time i visit.

Gardenia said...

Dear Lord, please keep him safe!

When will this weather straighten up? My mother is insisting on, once I get over there, keeping me prisoner until the weather clears up! I'm figuring when snow ends, spring rains will come, then tornadoes, then we'll be up to hurricane season, then back to snow - so I just gotta go ASAP!

Trucking is not a "cake" job - deadlines, dangers abound. Myself, I can only stay awake 4 hours at a time, I would break my company! (I know I will be so jazzed to be going home though, I'll not be able to sleep until I'm there.)

Well, bless him as he drives and thinks of his family at home! Bless you as you wait - for him and babe.

cappy said...

"dangerous icing"

whats that? lethal wedding cake?

snowbug said...

At least they were headed south, into warmer weather? Glad to hear it went OK!

drunk punk said...

drive careful mate

Red said...

Glad to hear hubby made it to his destination safe and sound. That was some nasty weather you guys got in the US. Looks like we in the UK might be next on the list...