Wednesday, February 28, 2007

AlternaGirls guide to Lactation: Why Breast Feeding and Pierced Nipples Don't Mix.

Seventeen years ago, at the urging of a boyfriend, I got my left nipple pierced. He also had his pierced. Being that no one was doing piercings in Ann Arbor at the time, we flew to San Francisco to have this done. With address in hand, we found ourselves in the Castro District. We had no idea what to really expect. In the back of my mind, I imagined a back alley establishment, slightly seedy and well hidden from the public. Boy, was I wrong. When we entered the Gauntlet, I was shock to see the layout of a high end jewelry store. The only difference, was that the jewelry in the cases was meant specifically for any type of body piercing you can imagine, and the sales help were adorned in elaborate piercings and tattoos.

I chose a 16 guage ring which had a malachite ball on it. I stepped into the back, where the piercing rooms were. Elaine, the master piercer, was a cheerful woman. Petite in stature, she wore a halter top which revealed the most beautiful tattoo of elaborate angel wings stretching down her back and the backs of her arms. She chatted non-stop, telling me that she had been piercing for over 10 years, and the most famous person she stuck a needle into was Axel Rose. He had each of his nipples double pierced. Me, I went for the straight forward single horizontal variety. I am honest when I say that getting the piercing was fine. Very little pain, no blood, healing went well. In the 12 years I had it in, it became infected twice. Antibiotic were needed to clear it up. The best thing I did, was to change the original ring in for a curved dumbell. It was far more ergonomically designed for its usage.

I took the dumbell out 5 years ago in order to breast feed my son. It was too much of a pain taking it out and putting it back in after each feeding, so I made the decision to leave it out for good. Since it was in for 12 years, it never really sealed up, but I have stuck to my decision and have never tried to put the dumbell back into it. My first go at breast feeding was a disaster. There were many reasons. My inexperience in infant rearing, stress that I brought onto myself, the fact that my son wasn't into it, and, well, the remnants of the piercing. The milk flow had issues due to the unsealed holes and the damage to the milk ducts. I knew when I got the piercing that I would someday be a mother, but I hadn't even thought about breastfeeding. By 2 months of age, my son was consuming only formula and I will admit that it bummed me out. I was AlternaMom, I wanted the BEST for my son. My inability to provide human milk due to a stupid compulsive action bothered me for a long time.

This time around, with BabyVog, I told myself that I would once again try to breastfeed. I came to terms with the fact that I may fail again. I even bought a container of formula to have on hand. Within moments of her birth, I was breastfeeding her. It seemed to be working, even the damaged side. She ate often, she ate well. She still is. She has already met her original birth weight before the required two week time. I know that the pierced breast still has issues, that BabyVog has to linger a bit longer to get her fill. But this time, I don't have the inexperience, the added stress, and she is so much different in personality than her older brother in terms of feeding. I don't mind being the only one who can feed her. I mean, she has been exposed to a bottle, but clearly prefers hanging with mom. She doesn't even like pacifiers.

I don't totally regret getting the piercing. It served its purpose well for the time. I only wish that I would have truely thought things thru in regards to the true function of a female breast. I am glad that I only had one done, and not both. Speaking of feeding, sounds like BabyVog is in need of a refill. Gotta go. Oh, and child-free ladies who may be considering piercing those nipples outta fashion... get your tongue done instead!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anna Nicole, Britt Spears...they don't even hold a torch to the beauty of Little Ms. Vog!

The Vog family would like to say thank you to all you great bloggers out there who have wished us well! As requested, here are some more photos of Ms.VogSprog. I would of had them up here yesterday, but, eh, we forgot to pay the cable bill on time and had our service interupted. Go figure.

(photo #1) This is the picture we are using for her birth announcements. Check out that cool sweater! The hat that goes with it... is too big! Plus, I wanted everyone to see all of her hair. Oh, and Pup, you are right. She does look a lot like me.
(photo #2) This is her first bath at home. She was not happy. But she smelled good afterwards.
(photo#3) Much happier, getting dried off.

(photo#4) Little Man, showing off the look that has been gracing his face for the past week. BabyVog is not allowed to get any closer to him than what you see here. He seemed much happier when I was pregnant. Now, he has immersed himself in video games in an attempt to ignore her as much as possible. Occassionally, he will lighten up when we aren't looking and teach her things like addition and subtraction, the names of the planets, and various colors. We were lucky enough to get some of this on video.

My brain is slowly coming back. All of these late night feedings are giving me lots of time to think of different post topics. I now need to look for the time to actually write the ideas down.

Dinners! The package has arrived! More on that later....

Friday, February 16, 2007

She's here!

Hi everyone! BabyVog was born February 15, 2007 at 12:13 a.m. This is one of the first pictures taken. I had 3 others I wanted to upload, but per usual, Blogger isn't allowing them to.

Delivery went extreamly well. Labor lasted a total of 3 hours, with only the last 5 minutes being the most intense. No pain meds were used. The best part was walking into the delivery room, turning towards the nurse who was coming at me with the monitors, and saying "No need, I am pushing now!" BabyVog's head was out before they could even find the doctors. I broke the record for fastest delivery that week, eh, month... I was in the hospital less than an hour, from check in to BabyVog showing up! I hear that I was the hottest topic of conversation at the nurses station. The attending resident came in this morning to discharge me, and said "I hope that my future pregnancy and delivery goes as well as yours did. You make it look easy".

More pictures and such later. I just wanted to check in and let you see our newest love.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's official!

Hubby has returned from 7 weeks of training! He has now officially become a first seat driver. He ranked in the 96th percentile of his group. Okay, I admit... I do understand why our son is such an over achiever. I mean, why do anything unless it's close to perfect? His company plans to keep him close to home as possible, until BabyVog makes her appearance. He will then get a week off, before he begins the farther regional routes. He wants to continue to stay as close as possible, but I have dollar signs in my eyes and am encouraging him to take longer routes which will fatten his paycheck. The family has proven to be strong over these 7 weeks so I know we can survive having him home on the weekends. After almost 4 years of struggling with the Union bullshit he was involved in, it is nice to see him happy in this profession.

As for me, the countdown is well on the way. The little ticker above says 17 days. It can happen anytime, as far as I am concerned. The flat has been reorganized to accomadate baby, the crib is set up, the clothes are in the proper drawers, the knitting for her has just about been completed. The christening dress is beautiful, and I'll have some photos up of it once I finish the collar. I also have to take some pictures of my Green Day Heart Grenade mittens which I have been proudly wearing. They are so cool, I bet Billy Joe will ask me to knit up some special addition ones for him to add to his clothes line.... yeah, right! Oh, and the best thing is this scarf/hood thing I began knitting 12 years ago! I only have a 1/2 inch to go and I'll be wearing that too. It is knit in pure, handspun alpaca and knit on 0 needles (hence the 12 years in the making).

One of the things I am looking forward to after having BabyVog is getting my former brain back. I complained to my doctor recently, that my brain function has been held hostage since becoming pregnant. He verified that I am accurate, that the extra fluid and hormones racing thru my body cause my brain to take a vacation. If you look back 9 months to a year in my archives on this blog, it is quite evident that I had much better postings. Trust me, I have some good ideas for future post... I just haven't been able to format and complete the writing process.

All righty then. Time to start my day with the family. I will let you all know when the girl arrives.

Monday, February 05, 2007


You all know how fussy I am about putting pictures of myself on this blog. Get a look now, because it'll most likely be removed before you know it. I do apologize for how dark it is.

I read a funny post about Hummers over at Pickled Olives blog, so I send this picture out to her. Before you jump all over me about me standing next to such a gas hogging vehicle, read my comment at Pickled Olives, and take a look at the photo. I am at a dealership, I DO NOT own one

I will make mention that my 4 1/2 year old son would LOVE to own one. An H3, to be exact. I don't know why. We took this photo last summer to tease him. He hears his dad and I talk about getting a new car and always brings up the Hummer, or a Lexus. He also wants to learn how to play golf. I often ask myself who this childs real parents are. Yes, he looks like us, but everything else about him is SO not like us.