Friday, March 02, 2007

Research, after the fact.

gardenia said: "Angel wing tattoo? Oh, that is tempting! I bet it was awesome. I can now see it - CEO of company - always wears long sleeves - why? She has angel wings!"

Well, she wasn't too far off with her comment. I had remembered seeing a picture of Elayne's Angel Wings in a tattoo book many years ago. I figured she had to be on the internet somewhere. Here they are.

Elayne indeed became a CEO of her own company. The wearing of long sleeves wasn't necessary, since it was a piercing studio called Rings of Desire (nice play on Wim Wenders movie "Wings of Desire"). The studio was located in New Orleans, but unfortunately, it has been closed post Katrina. She has since moved on to Merida, Mexico, where she owns a Bed and Breakfast and Piercing establishment. There is a nice professional BIO about Elayne, which you can read here. Nice to see that my memory has held out over these years, and that Google allows access to long lost memories. As for the tattooed wings, she has them registered as a trademark. I had no idea that a person could do that.

*Asterisk had requested that I change the wording in the last post from "childless ladies" to "child-free ladies". This I have done. As for his wondering if tattoos cause havoc on ones body... Well, from a Lymphatic perspective, yes. The ink which is used for tattoos is viewed as a toxin by the body. It is the lymphatic system which rids the body of toxins, so for about 4-7 days of recieving a tattoo, your body is working overtime to get the free floating ink from the system. Since there is no set standard in the inks that are used by tattooists, there are many significant toxins which the body does not expel. Lead is one of them. Heavy metals are near impossible for the body to rid. Hate to say it, but lead likes to hang out in brain tissue once it is in the body. I did hear a piece about how scientists at Harvard are in the process of developing a less toxic form of tattoo ink. It is supposed to be much easier to remove a tattoo which uses this new ink. I did find this chart which tells what types of metals and oxides are used in the most common forms of tattoo ink. So *A, maybe you shouldn't read the links until after you get your birthday art.


Ron said...

Having spent the evening skooling Mikey P. on things Marx, (Groucho, et al), I've got "Hooray for Captain Spaulding" on BrainLock in my mind! So, I come here and what do you inspire me to think of? The chiaroscuro of tattoo inks and their fleshy canvases...and is my mind all warped right about now!

There's some poetry here at that nexus, Vog, and you should write it.

cappy said...

you been talking to my mother?
there i am posting about having finally decided on what i am going to have, and you start talking about heavy metal and blood poisening and brain things!
cor blimey, it's a conspiracy i tell ya!


Caz has agreed to let me get my single tattoo covered over - it's a heart with Neil above and - now covered up - Bev below. In it's place will be a big flat red rose with Lancashire underneath. On the other arm will be Oldham Athletics crest. She thinks I'm nuts but always wanted to and never got around to it. Maybe I'll wait for the new ink?


ps dvd work ok? I think it'll only work on a pc but you should be able to farmat it for TV dvd use. I think.

* (asterisk) said...

Heh heh, you're a sweetie changing that post, Camie. I was part kidding, of course, but I know there's a website where people really bang on about being child-free rather than childless. I think the point is valid, but I certainly don't want to tell you how to run your blog!

I like Elayne's wings well enough, but far more beautiful I think is the mermaid lower half she's got going on. Really stunning.

I'll do as you suggest and not read those links till later in the week, too! Thanks.

Cynnie said...

i'm thinking of having my lone tattoo ( shooting stars around my left ankle) redone..
I was drunk and young and the guy was even drunker..
I dont hate it ..but i want it prettier.
I aint getting it done here though

ldbug said...

Oooo those angel wings are cool!

Hmmm, lead in the brain from tatoos....explains a lot;-)

Laura said...

Oh man! There's not enough painkiller in the world for me to have a needle going over that much of my body. It's lovely, true, but I have visions of the skin going like Silly Putty by the time she hits 60 years old. :D

I had a tough time breastfeeding Frygirl, too, even with no piercings. (Shudders to even think of piercing there.) We were all better off switching to formula, and we bonded just fine otherwise.

You could post a BabyVog picture every day and I wouldn't mind. She's adorable.

Gardenia said...

Thank you Camie! How interesting these links were/are. Angel is a pretty interesting & smart person, no slouch at all! Yes, the mermaid stuff is gorgeous too. I visited all the links. LOL, Angel must have had a pretty cool dad too to let her be what she wanted to be - down to borrowing "tools."

Being somewhat immune wacked with the Crohns, I probably shouldn't have done that gorgeous black bird, huh? (Good thing I didn't see the wings first!) Anyway, this is something people should know, I've not heard it before and it sure makes sense - that ink, like other things we put on our skin is absorbed. Duh for me!

Now I am worried about my daughter who is collecting more and more tats and who also is a bit fragile. Yikes. I'm afraid to show her the mermaid pattern - although she is running out of room.

Aunt Jackie said...

That's very pretty though, I don't think I want to be that inked up, but then again they are addictive and you never know!! :)

dilling said...

i am child free though maybe my blood is poisoned... but I like that. it was my choice...both ways, right? I love my body art, though I do wear some long sleeves and thank god the short(tummy exposed) shirt era is's all for me, anyway, right?

* (asterisk) said...

I've finally looked at your links, Camie, now that my ink is in. Nothing there really comes as a huge surprise, I suppose. The very nature of tattooing is about introducing into your body something that simply shouldn't be there, so whatever is in the ink is foreign to the body and I suppose likely to be considered "toxic" in some way or another.

The inks themsleves, or rather the solution in which the pigment is held, as the articles say, have been made up of all sorts over the years. Indeed, I have even read that saliva and semen have been used back in the dim, dark, pre-HIV days of tattooing. At least we're away from that sort of thing in the "developed world".

Naturally, none of this will put me off getting more ink. Just living near paper mills, train stations, nuclear power plants, industrial estates... All of this stuff is everyday normality for us, and I'm sure that's not doing us any good either!

Incidentally, of all the tattoo work I've had done, I've only had one bad reaction to ink, and it was a red, even though that same tattooist had used (presumably) that same red on me previously with no adverse effects.

Go figger, right?

Pickled Olives said...

That tatoo is incredible. Good memory and nice job finding it!

Anonymous said...

I am not brave enough for a tatoo, but I can appreciate its beauty.

Lee said...

Well, I'm all inked up and have been for years. Won't be reading up on lead poisoning. Ignorance is bliss!

The angel wings are beatiful!

Noah said...

I made a post for you LOL
yay boots!