Thursday, May 17, 2007

Look who came to visit us this morning!


Hubby had a load that was just north of Ann Arbor. Lucky for us, he ran out of regulation driving hours just as he reached Ann Arbor. He parked his truck about a mile from our flat. He spent the night in his truck because he was nervous leaving it unattended. Yeah, like someone would steal a 45 thousand pound steel coil overnite... Really, he was concerned someone might loosen the straps holding the coil down, or even try stealing the entire rig. We picked him up early this morning and had a great breakfast. He was also able to take a shower in his own bathroom. It was a great morning. We'll see him again late Friday night, or early Saturday morning.

This picture has been altered to remove all distinquishing markings of the company he works for.
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Anonymous said...

how cool is that

Biddie said...

What a wonderful surprise! I hope that you get lots more like that!


Now that's what I call a truck

Aunt Jackie said...

Great Truck. My father is a retired truck driver, I remember many times he would 'mark off' to stay home with us when he could, or if he came in unexpectedly it made our week! Long hauls can be grueling-

Happy everything is going well for you guys! Sorry I have had a bit of catching up to do--been quite busy m'self. Cheers!

Noah said...

you would be surprised at what people would try to steal....or maybe you wouldn't... LOL

Cynnie said...

I'm gonna be in indiana tomorrow !!!.
Isnt that close to you ?
sort of ?
I swear I'll wave while up in the airplane.

Truck Driver Wife said...

Funny thing, I know that truck even with distinguishing markings marked off. Hubbs drives same company. Thanks again for stopping by to say HI.

蔡健雅Tata said...
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