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Why seatbelts save lives, and I'm sure glad Mr. Vog wasn't driving the semi!!!

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Michigan Man in Wheelchair Pinned to Grille of Semitrailer for 4-Mile Ride

Friday , June 08, 2007
By Audrey Bright

PAW PAW, Mich. —
Why did the 21-year-old cross the road?

Benjamin Carpenter, 21, was crossing a Michigan highway in his wheelchair when he became stuck in a semitrailer's grille and pushed for miles before the unknowing driver was pulled over, police said on Thursday.

Carpenter escaped unharmed, saying, "It was quite a ride," police said.

Click here to listen to the 911 tape.

Carpenter was attempting to cross on Wednesday when the light turned green and his wheelchair became hooked onto the front grille of the truck, which reached 50 mph during the 4-mile trip down Red Arrow Highway, Michigan State Police Trooper Michael Sinke said witnesses reported.

Carpenter was taken to a hospital as a precaution. He had been secured to his wheelchair by a seat belt.

Witnesses reported that the light turned green, so the truck took off, never seeing the wheelchair in front of him or the fact that it had attached to his front grill. When officers stopped the truck at a private business, Carpenter was in a calm state.

"The man spilled his soda pop, but he wasn't upset," said Sgt. Kathy Morton of the Michigan State Police.

Sinke said when he arrived at the scene, the man told him "'Yeah, I'm fine. I just went for a little ride.'"

"He was surprisingly normal," Sinke said.

About 4 p.m. Wednesday, a caller told police dispatchers, "You are not going to believe this: There is a semi truck pushing a guy in a wheelchair on Red Arrow Highway," state police said in a release.

Authorities initially wondered whether the report was a prank call until others called with similar reports.

When the truck finally was stopped, the driver didn't believe officers until he stepped from his cab and saw for himself.

"When he saw us, he was like, 'What's going on?"' Morton said.

"The truck driver had no idea," Sinke said. "[He] was in a state of shock."

Paw Paw Police Department Office Manager Susan Millek said their department got the initial call around 3:30 p.m. and Sgt. Kirk Goodrich and officer Tim McMeekan responded to the call. McMeekan said the incident was labeled a car pedestrian accident and he was prepared for a scene much worse than what he found.

"We were obviously relieved and shocked to see what happened," McMeekan said.

He said the family was notified within a few minutes and because the man is an adult, the department called to have someone pick him up.

Officers who responded to the scene said the fact that the man was unharmed made this story that much more unbelievable.

"Just the way he was uninjured. It’s just unbelievable," Sinke said. "Obviously someone was looking over him yesterday. I could go another hundred years in law enforcement and never see that again."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Biddie said...

My favourite part of the whole story was 'he spilled his soda pop.'
That was it. Pushed by a semi down teh road for 4 miles...Unfreakingbelievable.
Can you imagine sitting at the bus top and seeing that go by?


I don't believe you. No, not about the wheelchair guy - incredible! but the Paw Paw Police?? There is a Paw Paw Police?? Who's the Chief? Yogi Bear? Bet they never use handcuffs. Just say "This is the Paw Paw Police arresting you" and the bad guys'll be rolling around in fits of laughter.

Gardenia said...

4D - LOL!

I saw this on the internet at work as I was going in for work related issues, too leary to click the link. Oh my gosh - what a ride. I have known truckdrivers - most worries are how to keep the logs legal and get the job done on time, and keeping out of accidents. Who would dream of connecting up with a wheelchair? I have seen wheelchairs everywhere in traffic - definitely not safe - but then if you don't have legs or a bus or a car, how do ya get somewhere - they should have a tall antenna with a bright orange ball on it - or a flag or something! 'twas an accident. I'm glad no one was hurt!

her indoors said...

that is unbeleiveable, can you imagine being in that wheelchair! i think i would have spilt more than me soda!!!

Ron said...

4D -- We also have a town called Bad Axe, and Hell is a town about 70 miles from here...

The Anti Crapitalist said...

"The man spilled his soda pop, but he wasn't upset" no shit! I think I'd have been a little teeny weenie bit upset. Are they sure the guy wasn't a thrill seeker who did it for kicks? Its so bizarre there has to be another story here somewhere.

Cynnie said...

If that had been me..they would have reported..
"and she shit her pants"

cappy said...

saw this and pissed myself laughing!!
is that wrong of me? am i bad person?
the fact that the little fella loved every minute made it all the more funny!

Further on up the road said...

Just don't my son found this whole story highly hilarious when it was reported on the BBC.

I only worry that this'll now catch on with teenagers as the next step on from car surfing.

Lee said...

Whoa! That's friggin crazy. What a wild ride that musta been!

Amy said...

Dude, way to violate the AP's copyright ;)

Camie Vog said...

I gave the AP credit!

Truck Driver Wife said...

I cannot immagine being that guy or the driver. Insane.

蔡健雅Tata said...
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