Monday, June 04, 2007

Now back to regularly scheduled programming...

Hadn't meant to go this long between posts. Things have been a little hectic over here. I have spent a lot of time gathering paperwork, filling out forms and meeting with the mortgage company. The paperwork has been locked in finally. Now we just wait for the 20% down to make its way to me. That alone has sent me into a minor frenzy. I have spent most of my life financially irresponsible so my broker wasn't calling me back. Yeah, I have a broker. I had to go so far as to have my mother call the broker and rattle her chain for me. My parents use the same firm, and are much more responsible than me. My mom got through to the broker in one phone call. Me, I never got past the secretary. Anyway, the broker called me within two minutes of hanging up with my mother. Things are fine. The way they should be. The money will be wired to the mortgage company when the time comes, saving me an hour trip to pick up a check.

More paperwork and research...

House insurance. Wow, people would love to take the skin off your back don't they? Insurance salesmen are creepy, and love to massively up sell and scare the crap out of you... Luckily, I have a great agent who I have been with for 10 years. He gave us the best rate and the best coverage, beating out two swarmey guys who only had dollar signs in their eyes.

Yipee! I have health insurance! More paperwork, money coming out of hubby's check, but I have full benefits. I can now get my teeth cleaned and get some updated glasses frames. What a relief.

Kids are fine. Little Man is finishing up his last year of preschool, and is getting ready to be officially enrolled in kindergarten. I can't wait for the first month of school for him. He will be so excited, hopefully not to bored, and I can begin anticipating lots of calls from the school telling me he is beyond the curriculum...and they want to promote him to first grade, the grade he should be in...yeah, right.

BeanieVog rolled over for the first time on Sunday. All of us missed the big event. We of course made her do it again for us and the video camera. The baby book says she is supposed to roll from belly to back first. Well, she went from back to belly, which is a five month old move. My kids are so weird. Now she wants to be on the floor all the time so she can roll and scoot.

Thats about it on my end. I look forward to posting pics of the new house, and detailing the nightmare of the move. For now, I will rack my brain deciding what colors to paint the walls.


Cynnie said...

my camie is all grow'd up

cappy said...

back to front?

no comment!

"even your kids are punks, screw the system, we'll do it our way"

Biddie said...

Well, no wonder you've gone so long between posts..How long until moving day, do you think? This is exciting!
What does your little guy think of the move? So much going for you and the kids! Yay!

Anonymous said...

use kilz paint if u can find it i no thay sell it all wallyworld it is tha best paint we every used it if ur goin over paint r already primer walls it covers in 1 coat n u thot i only read blogs allday muhahahahahahahahazzzzzzzzzzzzz

her indoors said...

here's hoping you have a nice stress free move, go on you can honest!!!


it come's across how happy you guys are.

gives me a warm glow.

like that cappy. "Even your kids are punks"....magic!!!

The Anti Crapitalist said...

Insurance salesmen are creepy? Understatement of the year. You have to take the cover off them as you wouldn't trust most of them not to come back and torch your house whilst your out!