Monday, August 06, 2007

Here is our house!

Here is our house! Things are going along well, though a bit slow. LittleMan's room is done for the most part. All we need to do now is paint the star constellations on his ceiling with glow in the dark paint and install his ceiling fan. Mr. Vog painted our room yesterday. It looks so good. Very soothing. Of course, he had to leave for the road early this morning before he move our furniture back into the room. I'll have to ask his brother to help me move the bed into it. Next up will be the bathroom upstairs. Luckily, we have two bathrooms.

The road work is continuing outside my house. They paved the road early Saturday morning, but we won't be able to drive to our house until the end of the week. We have been parking a block away and walk to our place. This isn't a problem for us, but it has stopped my client from coming. I feel bad for them, since I took two weeks off to move and still can't work on them. Oh well, I kind of needed a little break. I miss the money though...

I will post more pictures of the house as we get each room done. Mr. Vog has been taking the camera with him on the road so picture taking can only happen on the weekends. I had to get a new cell phone, as mine started doing weird things. It was 3 years old, so I can't complain. It served me well. Anyway, the new phone has a camera on it so I can take some pics that way I guess.

The kids are doing well. LittleMan is finishing up his last week in summer camp, and BeanieVog is getting bigger (and funnier) each day. She fell out of my bed twice last week. Fortunately, the mattress was on the floor, so she only fell about 10 inches not 3 feet! I have moved the bed to the wall to prevent it from happening again. She has also started to eat baby food! It has been going pretty well.

I have so much to write about, and so little time! I will say that I am very glad to have moved from the ghetto that we lived in. Things had gotten really bad there over the last months time. I miss one of my neighbors, but the rest can all rot in their own crap for all I care.

More later.