Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Look what is happening in MY backyard!

Please click the link, read the story and come back here to give me your comments. I am really interested in hearing what you all think of this. Yeah, I realize it is local news in my part of the world, but it really is MY backyard.


credit where credit is due: Story by the Ann Arbor News


katy said...

not sure i understand this, this is how i read it, the new owners of the properties are having to pay for a service that they personally have not received, is this correct? if so surely the council should be tracing the previous owners for the outstanding money due, after all they used the services

Cynnie said...

that doesnt make a bit of sense..

Michele huh?

Anonymous said...

my da says 2 sue the people b4 u n ur realtor bcos there is laws abot disclosers n thay hafta tell u all that stuff up front b4 u buy u can sue all of m 4 tha money.

Gardenia said...

If this was an "innocent" mistake on your part, do ya think the City would pay you if the shoe were on the other foot? I should think also you would have some recourse to come back on your title insurance policy.

Like Katy said you had no idea - again that's what you pay title insurance for - of course if the City were too stupid to put a lien on the property for these old debts is that purely innocence again, or STUPIDITY which you should not have to pay for!

The previous homeowners owed the debt - you can't collection debt from a piece of ground with a house no it. Duh! Oh these things make me mad.

Camie Vog said...

There is no recourse against the title company, as the charge was never REPORTED by the city. Had the city done their job, the title companies would have found the money!

This City is barking up the wrong tree with me!

Biddie said...

This is bullshit. It doesn't matter who made the mistake, it seems, they just want the homeowners to pay.
The person that owned the home in 2002 should pay, not the current owner.
This is crazy. Don't take it sitting down.

cappy. said...

don't pay! seems to me that the city have said they are aware of the problem, so surely they are culpable? (dunno, sounds good though!)
it's oh so generous of them to allow you to take out a 15 year no interest loan to pay it back!
tell me. if you were to sell up now, and move, who would be responsable then? i bet they'd hunt you down for it, so why not those who really ARE resoponsible?


Further on up the road said...

Don't pay! Sue them!

The whole thing is nuts.


Definitely don't pay a cent.

The cost of pursuing you for money you can justifiably show you don't owe in the first place would be prohibitive.

They'll use threats etc to get it but as long as you ignore them they'll eventually go away.

Trust me I'm from Oldham

* (asterisk) said...

This is insane. Yes, it's true that you are receiving a service that others who lived there in '02 had to pay for, but for one reason or another it was the '02 residents who were supposed to pay. You weren't there; they fucked up; it's their problem.

They should have to just swallow the cost, however big it is. If I do a job for someone and forget to bill for 15 years, what do you think they'd tell me?