Thursday, March 29, 2007

These shoes rule, these shoes suck...

I shout this little ditty out to Noah. After you watch this hillarious video, click Noah's name and scroll down to see his cool shoe collection.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This is why Fluffy needs his cable turned back on...

so he can see things like this, 'cause Fluffy loves his Detroit Pistons HOOP!!

Rasheed Wallace 3/4 court game saving shot at the last second of the game.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Um...No, I haven't been busy...

As I have mentioned before, Hubby and I are getting married on April 4th. We bought our rings this weekend. Mine is the the first one shown. Hubby's is the second one. Special thanks go out to Hubby's cousins boyfriend. He is a jeweler, and really helped us out.

We have also decided to wear traditional Mexican Wedding shirts, called Guayabera's. Here are pictures of what they will look like. Mine, of course, will be white. The website only had a picture of the black version. Little man, our son, will also be wearing one that will match his dad's. Our pants will be gray. Yes, pants. I hate dresses, and have opted for pants. It's my wedding...I'll wear whatever I choose. I may even wear my Doc Martins, highly polished.

Plans for the wedding have gone well. Last thing I need to do is make the wedding cake. I have called on the assistance of my pal, Zeneric, who is a chef at a place here in Ann Arbor. He is going to sneak me in to the kitchen so I can used their industrial mixer to make up the cake batter. Big thanks go out to him too, as this will cut the mix time down to nothing. If I mix it at my house, I'll need to do it in 3 batches which could mess up the consistancy. Oh, yeah, the cake will be a three tiered strawberry swirl cheesecake.

That's why the blog has sat idle for the past two weeks. Hope you all understand, and look for me in your comment fields because I am still lurking out there.

p.s. BabyVog is a wopping 9 1/2 pounds now!
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Friday, March 02, 2007

Research, after the fact.

gardenia said: "Angel wing tattoo? Oh, that is tempting! I bet it was awesome. I can now see it - CEO of company - always wears long sleeves - why? She has angel wings!"

Well, she wasn't too far off with her comment. I had remembered seeing a picture of Elayne's Angel Wings in a tattoo book many years ago. I figured she had to be on the internet somewhere. Here they are.

Elayne indeed became a CEO of her own company. The wearing of long sleeves wasn't necessary, since it was a piercing studio called Rings of Desire (nice play on Wim Wenders movie "Wings of Desire"). The studio was located in New Orleans, but unfortunately, it has been closed post Katrina. She has since moved on to Merida, Mexico, where she owns a Bed and Breakfast and Piercing establishment. There is a nice professional BIO about Elayne, which you can read here. Nice to see that my memory has held out over these years, and that Google allows access to long lost memories. As for the tattooed wings, she has them registered as a trademark. I had no idea that a person could do that.

*Asterisk had requested that I change the wording in the last post from "childless ladies" to "child-free ladies". This I have done. As for his wondering if tattoos cause havoc on ones body... Well, from a Lymphatic perspective, yes. The ink which is used for tattoos is viewed as a toxin by the body. It is the lymphatic system which rids the body of toxins, so for about 4-7 days of recieving a tattoo, your body is working overtime to get the free floating ink from the system. Since there is no set standard in the inks that are used by tattooists, there are many significant toxins which the body does not expel. Lead is one of them. Heavy metals are near impossible for the body to rid. Hate to say it, but lead likes to hang out in brain tissue once it is in the body. I did hear a piece about how scientists at Harvard are in the process of developing a less toxic form of tattoo ink. It is supposed to be much easier to remove a tattoo which uses this new ink. I did find this chart which tells what types of metals and oxides are used in the most common forms of tattoo ink. So *A, maybe you shouldn't read the links until after you get your birthday art.