Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthed by average, everyday, non-famous people....

I was reading some silly article about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in US magazine...Blah, blah, blah, who cares and all... Then I saw a recent picture of their kid, Suri. I know that I am very biased towards my own offspring, but I think that BeanieVog, gives that Suri girl a run for her parents money.



Plus, BeanieVog has cooler, more RockStar hair!
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Look who came to visit us this morning!


Hubby had a load that was just north of Ann Arbor. Lucky for us, he ran out of regulation driving hours just as he reached Ann Arbor. He parked his truck about a mile from our flat. He spent the night in his truck because he was nervous leaving it unattended. Yeah, like someone would steal a 45 thousand pound steel coil overnite... Really, he was concerned someone might loosen the straps holding the coil down, or even try stealing the entire rig. We picked him up early this morning and had a great breakfast. He was also able to take a shower in his own bathroom. It was a great morning. We'll see him again late Friday night, or early Saturday morning.

This picture has been altered to remove all distinquishing markings of the company he works for.
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not that long ago...

A year ago this month my mental state was summed up in this post. Things were unstable for my family money wise, which cause an unstable effect in my brain chemistry. We were just able to cover our living expenses, I teetered with insanity. A few months later, I found out I was pregnant with Beanie Vog. I can't even express to you the amount of fear that took hold of me. I fought it back, determined not to let the emotion affect my pregnancy, or my son. I turned to my husband, the primary bread winner of the family, with a look that can only be compared to the last look Private Pyle gave Sgt. Hartman before he shot himself in Full Metal Jacket. I said, "Something has to be done. We are poor. I was raised middle class, this is unacceptable for me to continue to live like this. Either you change careers, or...." My sentence trailed off. I wasn't sure what I meant to say, or what I was afraid to say to him, but Hubby took it. I watched the same look of fear that I had cross his face. I had never spoke to him with such finality before.

The following summer lingered on, as did our finacial issues. Actually, things got even worse. The Union my husband was in, the one he put so much faith into failed to get him work. When they did, it was short lived. They refused to support him. Ultimately, he was ejected from this Union. He spoke his mind one too many times for them. As the season changed into autumn and onto winter, the painting jobs Hubby had finished up. We had no more to go on. We thought of moving to Wyoming, far from the only state I lived in full time. Hubby resisted this. I went to him again. This time I said, "you have two weeks to figure out your next move to bring money in". Again, that strange look of fear crossed his face. At the end of two weeks, he began semi-truck driving school. Two weeks later, 4 hours after the last day of class, he had a job. Life began to change. I have waited 5 years for this.

This is where we are today:
Baby Vog is here, my son is happy, my husband works five days straight away from the home. I care for the family on my own, money is in the bank, food is on the table, and the bill collectors have stopped bothering me. I can honestly say, that despite how rotten the past five years have been, it has made me a much stronger person. I appreciate so much more, and like to think that I live life less superficially. I continue to look forward, and this is what forward is bringing me....

We bid on a house, and the offer was accepted. It is a new home, which due to the shitty economy, was forclosed on by the previous owner. Yes, we have reaped the awards of someone elses financial doom. Just last year, that could have been me... We hope to close on the house by June 20th. It has four bedrooms, two full baths, a full basement, garage and a yard. This is the first home that Hubby and I have ever purchased. I said to my mom yesterday " Wow, I am married, have two kids, a career and am a homeowner. I'm a real grown up now". Yes, I am the typical Milf (even though I'm not as hot as Mary-Louise Parker. And the Milf reference...It's a joke, people!!).

Since we got such a good deal on the house, I have decided to also buy a new car. After much thought, and a wonderful test drive, I have picked the Toyota Prius. I am now looking for a bumpersticker that says "WWAGD?" (What Would Al Gore Do?). Hubby is okay with this choice of car, but he really wants the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Maybe that'll be our next car...Hmmm...