Saturday, January 05, 2008

Camie's High School Musical...

Dear Santa,
This is Camie, from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I wanted a podcast of my very own from my favorite, loverly, big-hearted softy from Middlesex...and a stick, unless you have any extra grenade launchers...but I'll take the podcast first...

I love you Santa Dinner's!



This is the comment I left on Dinners Blog. If you ever listen to his podcasts, you'll get the joke of the comment. I have been eagerly anticipating this podcast. What a great way to start my New Year. Ever since Dinners and Cappy started doing podcasts, they have been the only musical entertainment allowed in my vehicle and Mr. Vog's BigRig.

Camie's High School Musical-the Podcast!

The content of this podcast is extensive. I give Dinners a lot of credit for taking the time to find the songs, since some are very obscure. They are songs that I listened too while attending high school in a nice upper middle class community outside of Flint, Michigan. This was during the late '80's, and Flint was plummeting into a desolate, industrial wasteland. Auto factories were closing, business around the factories closed, people were losing everything they had. Being in the suburbs, with a father whose job was safe from demise thanks to high seniority at the "plant", I was sheltered from the ugliness of job loss and despair. But living in a white bred society causes its own dissonance. I began hanging out in Flint with punks from all over the area. Mayhem was the norm. Breaking into abandoned buildings, skating parking structures used during Flints thriving times, underage drinking in bars that served us because we were the only ones in the area with money. The music I listened to, and the friendships I forged during that time have in some ways made me who I am as a person today.

I hope you all enjoy the tunes as much as I do.

Thanks again, Dinners! I love you, man!


Jay Cam said...

he's bringing drunk punk back right?

d34FpUpPy said...


cappy. said...

he is! best news of the year.

some damn fine choices there too mrs c.v! you most definately rock!

cappy. said...
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cappy. said...

cappys podcast

Biddie said...

I listened to most of it. I have no idea how to do podcasts, though. I only just figured out how to turn my damn ipod OFF a couple of days ago! LMAO. .
I was just pausing it...Good thing those new fangled electronics have a wicked good battery!


Pleasure babe - anytime xxx :)

Drunk Punk Live.
Saturday February 2nd 10 p.m. UK time. Around 3 or 4 p.m. stateside?

See you there eh? ;-)

Biddie said...

I will post a photo of my wicked cool new mitts when I can get my camera going again. They are super comfy.
I <3 them :)