Monday, January 21, 2008

Click, click, click goes the sound of knitting needles

Here are a couple of things that have come off the needles recently.

Target Wave mittens, from the book "Knitting Nature" by Norah Gaughan.
Interesting to knit, though the pattern had a little errata issue in the thumb gusset. Of course, I didn't catch it until the mittens were done. And, in normal Camie fashion, I was too discouraged to even rip it out and do it over. They are knit in Alpaca.
A certain, lovely blogmate received these for Christmas.

Below: A hexagon scarf, also from the "Knitting Nature" book. This is knit in Baby Alpaca. Obviously, I love Alpaca. If I had more room in my backyard, I would own a Llama!

By now, I have completed the 3rd hexagon...

Next, I will be starting Little Beanie's 1st Birthday sweater. It is also from the "Knitting Nature" book... It is called Turbulence U Neck. The yarn should be arriving this week. I chose a nice lilac color, since she looks so great in purple. The pattern, has been modified from an adult pattern. I hope I modified it correctly.... Because, as you can see from the mittens, I hate ripping things out.

Turbulence U-Neck
Photo: courtesy of Knit-picks


Biddie said...

Oh, you posted the mitts! I don't know how to download my camera, and my batteries are low...I totally suck. Can I borrow your photos for my blog? They are super warm. I will probably wear them when I shovel snow today, seeing as how it hasn't stopped all morning.
They are coolest mitts that I have ever had.
Thank you.
You are so talented, Camie.

cappy. said...


heres a thing. a bit off track,

i was watching rocky II this morning, and when he and adrian saw rocky junior for the first time, i actually shouted "thats beanie"
he looked just the same as the photos you posted.
and yes, i know beanie is a she baby, not a he baby! but they do look the spit of each other.
i've spent most of this aft trwling the net trying to find a pic so i could mail you, but to no hope!
i'll shut up now!


Cynnie said...

I'm terribly jealous..
I want snow and i want to know how to crochet


Further on up the road said...

love the mitts

My mother-in-law is the knitter in our house. My Mum was a genius, she knitted a Mrs Tiggywinkle from Beatrix Potter for my daughter years back. Still has pride of place on her bedroom shelf

d34FpUpPy said...


Laura said...

Ooo, that's bad about the mits. I'm with you, though, I loathe ripping anything.

The Turbulence is in my knit queue already. I actually have the yarn for it! That's totally weird for me, I never use the yarn called for in a pattern. Anyway, it'll be fun to see how the baby's turns out. :)


Beanie is henceforth known as Rockette. ;-)

Gardenia said...

I love the alpaca as well - very nice pattern and I bet it feels heavenly.