Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh, yeah...the party pictures...

Introducing Fairy Princess Barbie!

I honestly can't believe that I made this cake! As a child, I always hated Barbie. Now, I repent, with a Barbie cake for my girl. She LOVES dolls.

We take such great pictures, don't we? Here she is getting ready to throw the menu at her dad.

Beanie with her doll hating Mama...

The end of the party. Sadly, I have no cake smashing pictures. She wouldn't smash it! It even took forever trying to get her to pull the doll out of it. The cake footage is on the viddy camera, I'll try to lift some stills off of it. The boy on my lap is my "sister-wifes" son. We are stuffing our faces with Andes mints.

Next post: "Our first real family vacation"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beanie is ONE today!!

Crazy, beautiful girl!

Oh, so serious. Don't you love the hair doo!?! She doesn't. We can't say the word "hair" around her. If we do, she immediately takes out what ever hair accessory is in her hair. Speaking of hair, I think she needs another haircut soon.

I can't believe a whole year has passed. It doesn't seem possible. Oh, did I mention that she is walking all over the place now?? Nothing is safe.

I'll post more pictures of her party and the cake smashing business on Sunday. We are having the big event on Saturday evening.

Her birthday date is Feb.15! I started this post on the 14th, waited until after midnight to post it, and ended up with a date of Feb 14...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing like some Heart Grenade Mittens to deck out ones hands on a cold Valentine's Day!

Pattern was obviously inspired by Green Day.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Geez! My fingers hurt!

"Mama, this sweater looks too small for me..."

"Yes, I know Beanie. I made it for your first birthday."

"Ah, mama, today is my 16th birthday/:

"I know. I just finished it. I guess I was too caught up playing Guitar Hero 3 when you were one."

Yes, my obsession with GH3 has now reached critical. I have discovered that I can connect that precious Wii to the internet via our WiFi network. That poor little girls sweater has hit the wayside.

"Okay kids, off to bed... Yeah, I know it is only 6pm, but mommy has a GH3 tournament to play..."

After I beat the game on easy, I got a little bored with it. I found medium too hard, wah-wah-wah, using four frets and all. When I realized I could hook up online and play against other people with lots of time on their hands I became an animal all over again. Medium it is. I practice and battle little dweebs all over the planet now. "Bulls on Parade"? No fucking problem, I roast you! Ooooh, slippin' in a little Killers? Take that, you 16 year old pansy! ZZ Top, you fucking fossil, I got that covered too!

Really, though. I am not that good. I routinely get my ass kicked late at night when the experts come out. Plus, it didn't help that I was stuck on battling Slash in my own game. Between a glitch in the program that locked the system up whenever I was winning, and the intense quickly developing pain in my knuckles it took me 2 days to crush him. LittleMan was actually the one who helped me by shouting out when to launch attacks on Slash. As Ron says, just a little bonding with my 5 year old over GH3 was all it took. Now, I can advance onward to the other songs in order to practice and continue my quest for greatness on the WFC circuit. So, if any of you are bored and want to battle me, email me your friend code, and I'll do the same so we can rock out. I know Cappy has a Wii, I am just waiting for him to get the game... Come on Cynnie, get your system going!!

Oh, yeah, that sweater...better get to it before my girl spawns a grandkid for me...