Sunday, March 16, 2008

CamieVision has returned!

In association with DrunkPunkTV,
CamieVision is pleased to present
her first video of 2008. Click and


(hey Dinners or you have a copy of my cartoon image? You know, the ones we used to use before our videos.... If so, could one of you email it to me? Thanks)


Biddie said...

It's not working for me, Camie! Am I doing something wrong????

Camie Vog said...

oops! I messed up the links. All fixed now, they should be in fine working order!


yeah. got 'em. It's half past midnight n I'm pissed and I'm in work at 7 so remind me - mail me - and I'll send em over

g'night babe x

told Caz you said about me flight over - no way babe but thanks millions - and Caz reckons yer the dogs. And you are.

g'night my Camie xx

katy said...

hi Camie welcome back, and to get you going you are tagged!