Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vog Family Sadness...

Our Family mourns the unexpected loss of a much loved family member. We received word last night that Mr. Vog's nephew, Chris, was killed in a car accident in California. There have been many tears, mixed with disbelief, shock, and confusion. We wait on pins and needles for any information. At this point, it'll be Tuesday before there is a positive identification by the police and family. We are SO SAD.

Below are pictures of Chris, which are posted with much love from all of us in Michigan.


Chris and his girlfriend at our wedding

Chris playing with his little cousins C and Z.
Chris and Mr. Vog after our wedding

Chris holding little Beanie. This is my favorite picture of him.

Chris holding his finger up to Beanie's toe.
And finally, the most important picture... Chris with his mother (Mr. Vog's sister), celebrating her 50th birthday last month.

Chris, you grew to be a great man.


Anonymous said...

so sorry for your loss sweetie, thinking off you all in this very sad time x x

Truck Driver Wife said...


So sorry to read about your loss.

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh my god... that's so horrible. My sincere condolences for the loss. Those are wonderful photos. Memories can never be taken from us, and I believe wholeheartedly that though their bodies are gone, their souls live on and will always be near us.

Take comfort. xoxox

Cynnie said...

god thats so horrible .
his poor mother .
I love the photos ..
its just not fair

bob said...

I am very sorry.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

No words babe just love n hugs to you all xxxxx

cappy said...

looks like a guy i'd have liked. a lot.
you're all in my thoughts.
sorry, they are belated.

traceychen said...

love and sympathy from a friend of Ray's. sent you a message on facebook too. tracey

Red said...

Christ, Camie, this is so sad and just... wrong. So sorry.

Gardenia said...

What an absolutely gorgeous young man. I am so sorry - it seems to hurt worse when they go so young, looking so vibrant, with so much life in their eyes. I am sorry, peace to you and the family.

Biddie said...

Oh, cripes. I am soo sorry. My pc keeps crashing and I am so behind.
I love the photo with Chris and Beanie, too.
Please, send my love to Mr.Vog.
Biddie xx

* (asterisk) said...

I'm real late to this, Camie, but so sorry to hear of your loss. x