Monday, October 13, 2008

Mr. Vog and Beanie take a trip!

To California!!! Mr. Vog and little Beanie flew out to San Francisco three weeks ago to attend Chris' funeral. They stayed a week, and as you can tell, despite the circumstances, they had fun. It was important to us that Beanie accompany Mr. Vog. We knew that her endlessly happy spirit would help to put a smile on everyone's faces. Plus, she got to meet her paternal grandparents for the first time, as well as 3 uncles, 1 aunt and many cousins.

Here they are with Papa A. riding his horse, Romeo, for the first time.
Bareback, even!!

Auntie B, Mr. Vog's sister owns an Old Time Photo Studio! Look how cute she made them look!!

Beanie expressing to her Dada that her bedtime past many hours ago. These photos were taken after 11pm! This one makes me laugh, because she looks so pissed and beautiful at the same time. The boa is a good touch.

No matter what, she always has a glint in her eye!

Thank you so much for the great photos, Auntie B! You are amazing!
Lots of love to you, and we think of you constantly!


Truck Driver Wife said...

Your baby is beautiful!

Biddie said...

Oh, look at lil Beanie!
Babies are great when it comes to needing a buffer...They can get just about anyone to smile at anytime, even during the worst of times.
Hugs, Camie. I am thinking of you and yours.

cappy said...

beanie's beaauty never ceases to astound me. then, she gets it form her parents!
hope you have a great birthday (yes i't's early, but i tend to forget!)

Cynnie said...

and she's a redhead!!..OMG my genes are so strong they JUMPED into her..yay!
she's a knockout

Gardenia said...

That child is the most absolute perfect doll! What fun you guys must have with her. If I were a billionaire I would pay you to have children - they are so special and cute, beyond cute!