Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This blog needs a overhaul.

I am tired of the look of my blog. I have been trying to find a template that expresses my inner bullshit. I need to re-do the blogroll, as it hasn't been touched in a million years. Some of the blogs listed aren't even there, or have change with the times. Plus, with the existing layout I can't seem to have a followers section, or include twitter updates.

Maybe when it is lookin' all perty I'll post more...doubt it. Oh, and I am done making excuses about why I don't blog. If I post something, read it. If I don't post quick enough for your liking and you are sick of checking on it, I suggest a RSS feed thingy. Or, you can complain in the comment field and my staff will get back with you. It is what it is.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mobile blogging is fine, it just doesn't allow decent character length for good posts...

Another holiday celebrated. Nice to see my family. I ate so much food, I feel sick. Too many sweets that my body isn't used to anymore.
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